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Korean games have bad time because of the language.

destiny2 3 - Korean games have bad time because of the language.

Sorry for title. it was meant to be "Korean gamers".

Hi, fellow guardians.

There are some serious problems using Korean language. I'd want to inform u/cozmo23 and u/dmg04 about this.

So… this is start.

  1. Cannot type Korean

We can't type any Korean since Season of arrivals. This is very critical, because any of command is not working. Like "/합류" same as "/join", is not working. We cannot see our own ID because "/아이디" = "/id" also not working. Anyway, Korean chat can be pasted into destiny chatting so we can join a party but, this is not convenience.

Also, this problem was acknowledged at Season of the arrivals, in this twab. It's almost half year and still having these problems. We are using some kind of user-made program to automatically change English to Korean, like "dkssudgktpdy" to "안녕하세요". This is frustrating because these programs could be a virus or keylogging program. It's very dangerous to use, but there is no choice.

2) Critical misreading translation

Are you guys enjoying battleground? Me too. It's one of the most fun activities in destiny. But there is very strange things happened in Korea.


there are some bosses named "unstoppable champion" but not acting like real unstoppable champion. They cannot be staggered by anti champion mods and very easy to kill.

Because they were not. Someone find out that "Unstoppable champion" is not Unstoppable. In fact, it's Unstable. This is very wrong translate. We don't know why they dropping battery. Even the dog translated into "Unstoppable beast". This is confusing a lot of people, like me.

And there are another serious misreading translation.

It was wrote by me. If you curious about this, read it and i'll appreciate you guys.

TL;DR for this is "Cayde-6's last word about Deep stone crypt is translated into Deep stone password and this make every korean's mind blown because we didn't know DSC was a place, not a password"

There can be a mistake when translating, but this is so different form original mean.

3) End

I appreciate what Bungie doing. I started this game at start of forsaken, DLC that Bungie decided to fully translate Korean and release game. I really having a good time Enjoying your games. I hope everybody safe and having a good time. thanks!

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