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LARGE Growing Compilation of Mostly Minor Changes/Adjustments to Destiny’s QoL we want to see with Beyond Light

destiny2 8 - LARGE Growing Compilation of Mostly Minor Changes/Adjustments to Destiny's QoL we want to see with Beyond Light

With the announcement of Destiny 2 receiving: Beyond Light, Lightfall, and The Witch Queen; we know we will have this game for a while. So, I made a compilation of things that bothered me and others about the game. Some of these are very petty, others are fairly important or useful, while some are things that simply should have existed since the beginning.


• Option in settings menu to toggle on/off auto-dismantle/convert Blue engram contents into materials. (Just like D1 where green engrams turn into materials once you're high enough light/level. The option to toggle this on and off is needed for when we are leveling up and blues aren't actually completely worthless, versus when they are no longer helpful and can be auto-dismantled).

Weapon Kill-Trackers should inherently track both PvP and PvE, the toggle chooses which one you prefer to display. All legendary weapons should track kills, but are only displayable once MW tier 6+ is achieved. Exotics should have a tracker without catalyst that transfers data to your character and will display the same number on every gun if you have multiple, and will not zero-out if dismantled. The numbers for all exotics should also would be viewable in Collections > Exotic Weapons tab.

• A few more destination landing zones. Tower: Hanger (for the millionth time, please). And Dreaming City: Rheasilvia and The Strand).

Delete/Apply/Use action. Revise and speed up action length times for various consumables and items. Old Consumables no longer worth anything should be instant dismantle for the whole group of the item.

Visual button indicator for "Compare" at bottom that when holding RT/mapped key will then compare the item in your inventory or vault to your currently equipped item. (Outside of your vault, only Equip, Details, and Lock/Unlock buttons are shown on the item. Some players do not know this option exists).

Faster menu loading (mainly console), like keeping main character inventory on ram for instant access rather than waiting to load gear each time. (My PC with a HDD loads menu 3x faster than my Xbox One X using External SSD, and the Xbox using SSD loads twice as fast as using internal Console HDD. Locating time is a factor in this but root issue is in-game coding priorities. In testing RAM usage, loading main menu of your characters gear uses 110MB at 1440p settings). Logic says: If I'm able to hit start and access my character during any in-game activity, then there's room to keep it on the RAM for faster access. Also, if the interactive nodes load and can be selected while using director, but the wait is on visual indicators, then destination/director menu loading can also be faster. At least speed the animation scale up.

Ongoing live feed for incoming teammates joining game until they arrive (like, say someone leaves during Menagerie and we sit around waiting for the 6th to arrive before we can start the next area, some people leave thinking its bugged instead of waiting for the 6th because they don't realize someone is on the way). Instead of "Cayde-69420 joined the game" and it fade out, it would say "Cayde-69420 is joining the game…" either stagnate or slowly fading in and out until the player arrives. It's just good courtesy knowledge. PvP included, but ofc the players name would be blue or red to indicate if they will be friend or foe.

• Won't kick you off viewing a player menu while starting or after finishing an activity via roster tab (mainly console).

Controller sensitivity options expanded. This includes Acceleration, overall sensitivity, outer radius/inner radius sensitivity differences, and various trigger scales. Fortnite has more options than Destiny, and we are far better than Forknife, so let's see some expansion of options in the near future (button mapping was a great first step that already improved my destiny QoL). Even if it's just allowing sensitivity to go to 50 with an acceleration option, anything is better than a single scale of 1-10.

Valor/Glory/Infamy Rank-up screen covering banners are very annoying and much too long. Maybe move the banner to the bottom where they aren't covering anything if you must have them, just like when we unlock any triumph.

• Fix the bottom screen banner alerting the player to insert runes into the Chalice every time they open a Menagerie chest, as though they just barely unlocked it. The banner often appears several times, and sometimes well into going to orbit.

Ended playlist Activities like crucible/strikes/Gambit orbit menu appearing on time; so we have the ability to leave matchmaking sooner. It's uncommon but sometimes you get caught in the same match because it wouldn't allow you to leave (mainly console).

Emblem username characters given a darker thin stroke outline (not very legible on brighter emblems like Settle the Score. This actually will allow Bungie to use more emblem types that they normally avoid due to illegibility, like white or bright shaders in general. Simple graphic design discipline).

• While previewing Ships, add the booster effect, and allow us to rotate the ship under preview like we can our sparrow.

• While previewing Sparrows, add sparrow booster effect and initial sound when boosting that dies off to silence whenever you press "Preview" button while already previewing the sparrow (the button currently does nothing, same button performs emotes/finishers each time you press it when previewing them).

Change all 150 speed sparrows to 160. Why do 150's even exist?

• If seasons where earning certain engrams must be decrypted like current Umbrals, then Add 1 more row to inventory holdable Engrams (increases capacity from 10 to 15)

Postmaster available from Director Menu just like the Eververse.


Shader inventory changed to shader Favorites. Why buy shader after shader? Why not spend 5-10 legendary shards to favorite a shader into a Favorites inventory that is infinitely reusable. This will stop the issue of repeatedly receiving shaders you have earned but do not want.

Consistent Armor/weapon shader primary/secondary colors displayed on shader thumbnail when compared to actual application They don't all line up, making it confusing and forcing us to preview every shader to see what it actually looks like.

• Along with previous bullet point, a fifth shader color spot in the middle for the thumbnails on shaders that seem to have an additional color not displayed… (Looking at you Jacarina)


Adjust some weapons and armor shading that cannot be currently changed when applying shaders. (IE: Wormgod Caress, The Supremacy sniper, many exotics in general, iron banner robes and clocks, many warlock bonds with glow effect, any armor with glow effects (transversive steps can't change but geomag stabilizers ornament can…?), etc etc etc. Just be consistent.)

Exotic Weapon Shaders. If I can preview it while one is equipped, then let it happen for real. This will NOT decrease the number of ornaments purchased, if anything it will increase the number of purchased ornaments. This is because ornaments change the shader type, texture, and display primaries/secondaries, allowing a single shader to have multiple looks, just as ornaments allow items to have multiple looks. (Imagine the Jade ornament for malfeasance with a pearl white shader, or Outbreaks yellow ornament shaded blue, or… The possibilities are endless.) If I can put a shader on an exotic armor piece, then I should be able to put one on an exotic weapon.


• Forge weapon Radiant Matrix auto-applied to weapon frames when earned, rather than revisiting Ada. Every. Single. Time.

• Either get rid of Finest Matterweave and just have an enhancement core drop instead; or, change the reward to something more rare or harder to obtain. Like an Upgrade Module.

• Increase Modulus Report inventory quantity to 99

Override Frequency locations should drop by process of elimination

Rainmaker rewards drastically increase

Pure Matterglass Lens doubled chances of drops while weapon telemetries should start dropping no matter what. Ghost telemetry abilities increases chances on top of that and/or Septuple (C'mon Bungie, I said 7, you like that right?) the progress of weapon telemetries with Banshee leveling so they may actually be worth something to get and use (or just get rid of them altogether if that's asking too much).

• If all mods have been obtained, stop dropping Black Armory Schematics and allow for dismantle of all leftovers or automatically remove them from inventory.

Ascendant Shard inventory limit increased to 25.

Enhancement Prism inventory limit increased to 99.

• Instead of "Discard" as an option for Ascendant Shards, let it be "Dismantle" and the shard is broken down into 6 Enhancement Prisms. Same goes for the Prisms being broken into Cores. Allowing backwards-compatibility

• Dismantling an Enhancement Core should yield either 10 Bright Dust or 5 legendary shards. If we allow them to become bright dust; then 1 Ascendant shard broken down completely is equivalent to 36 enhancement cores or 360 bright dust. An actual grindable way to increase bright dust. Slow enough it wouldn't ever break the game (about 3 GM nightfalls for 1080 bright dust) but one would finally exist, and maybe put use to some players excess of these items. (Dismantle times would be very fast for cores, medium for prisms, and slow for ascendant shards. Or banshee would have a way to do it through him.)

NPC/Vendor Menus

Bulk purchases like spiders materials with x5, x10, and x25 options. (Could be done by hovering over an item like glimmer, then a drop-down menu of the same item but in bulkier quantity options show up. Now you can hover over the one you want and purchase it multiple times if you want to convert say… 1000 legendary shards into 5000 destination materials, you can do it in 40 clicks, instead of 1000. That's saving 25x more time and effort).


• 1. Give us three Token Turn-In options for ALL token vendors. (A x20, the x10, and then a x1. That way we can even out our token bar and also hand in 20 tokens in one shot for an engram/package rather than; 10 tokens, 2 times, every time, for every vendor.)


• 2. Vendor package rewards can be focused either to exact items, or a package at a chance of 2 items where one is what you desire (like current Umbral Focusing). This is at the cost of extra tokens. 20 Tokens for current random engram. 25 Tokens for a choice at an engram for either armor or weapons (The engrams cannot exceed 5 items, so if 8 weapons are available from the vendor then 2 different weapon engrams containing 4 each will be offered along with the armor engram). 30 Tokens for an engram that drops 1 of 2 possible items that you choose from. And lastly, 40 Tokens for a random roll of the exact item you desire. Fulfilling cost/reward incentive.

I prefer number 2

Mods and Effects

• Allow Obsidian Radiance effect on forge weapons to be unlockable and applicable to any forge weapon once earned, and removed from inventory.

• Allow dismantling of old mods to unlock the unlimited version if any are left (like raid earned mods). Simultaneously allowing old 1.0 armor to use the unlocked unlimited versions, just incapable of using newer season mods like normal.

Void/Solar/Arc Resistance mod should be an inherent bonus when MasterWorking the armor piece according to the elemental type the armor is, and removed from the list. Literally no one uses it over recovery/mobility/discipline etc. (This would mean for example: level 10 masterworked void arms would have inherent void resistance, whatever the small value Bungie has assigned it).


Grapple/mantling parameters revised (moving objects, a slight bump doesn't reject the grapple, or a ledge's certain angle disallows grapple)

Uneven surfaces kill us guardians instantly with the famed "misadventure" or dreaded "architects". Please review physics parameters to reduce or eliminate these instances. Falling 2 meters and touching an edge shouldn't insta-kill a god-slayer. (This may be centered around rebound/reflection physics values, likely the ones greater than 45°.)

Jumping backwards when standing on something with an angle… Just get rid of this, or severely reduce the angle it occurs. Very very annoying when jumping forward usually over something, then suddenly you're going backwards which sometimes leads to falling behind or your death.

Destination Materials you physically farm need to drop 5 of the material, not 1-2. Chest materials need to drop 5-15.

EDITS will be added nuisances below that are not already on the list. Feel free to express recurring pet peeves for me to add here:

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