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Last Night I Got The Kindergardian Triumph.

destiny2 6 - Last Night I Got The Kindergardian Triumph.

It’s a secret triumph that Bungie hasn’t added yet to the game but here is the scoop.

I’m a lucky guy who’s wife loves to game. So naturally our three kids love playing video games too. Because of Covid-19 quarantine we have all been spending more time playing video games and in the last three months all five of us have gotten into Destiny.

This past weekend was when our youngest(8) was setup with her account to level her guardian up. Everyone was jumping into her fireteam to help her with various quests. We’re all in our family private discord server having a blast and one of our family friends joins us. Suddenly there are 6 of us playing destiny when my son says…

“Hey Dad! There’s six of us in here. We could do a raid!”

Now mom is down to play anything but she’s more into Destiny because it has turned into the family game we all play. She messages me and says “up to you”. I whisper our family friend and ask him if he’s down for the ultimate challenge – raiding with an 8, 9 and 10 year old. He good to go and we both laugh about how hilarious it will be.

I decide we will do Scourge since that is a simple but fun raid and is usually the first D2 raid a new raider should do as it does a good job teaching how there are mechanics involved in a raid. Plus, my son wants Anarchy and none of the girls have the gun either. So Scourge it is! As we load in I think to myself “I wonder how long this will take”.

I explain the first encounter to them. We assign roles and we give it our first try. We complete it! And on our first try!

We get to the sparrow encounter and while all 5 of us die, we get the door to open and our friend makes it to the end (he always rocks this encounter) so we get the chest and move onto the jumping section!

Our youngest has a bit of a challenge with the jumping area but soon figured it out and suddenly we are at the boss room….much faster than I would have thought.


We decide that the boys will go down and get the buffs and the girls will stay top side and kill the Servitor. We nearly one-phase it and cleared it on our first try.

Ok so now it’s the final encounter. I take my time explaining it to the kids (actually just the girls since my son had joined me to farm this for Anarchy but he didn’t get it). We start the encounter and each of them is having to do something. My son and I are sniping the boss and staggering him, mom and our youngest are calling out the map locations. Our friend and middle child are zooming around grabbing batteries and depositing them (we did use ‘joining allies’ to keep it simple). We have a mistake and end up wiping. Second try, everything goes smoothly and we get to DPS. We’re all calling out CAP and sure enough – we down the boss!! With that kill we completed the ‘Kinderguardian’ triumph which requires you to complete a raid with half a fireteam of little stinkers! (I lovingly call my kids ‘my little stinkers’)

So now what?….

We run it again! Only this time, when we get to the final boss I switch characters to grab the checkpoint. And suddenly we are farming this boss. I don’t know how many kills we got but it was enough that my wife and our two daughters got Anarchy. Which leaves my poor son with the only one without it. Anyone one with kids knows that this is not…good. But he’s been a great sport about not having it. We’ve all committed to make it our weekend family activity to farm Anarchy until he has it. It was a night I will never forget!

TL;DR: I ended up taking my family which includes my three kids (10, 9 and 8) through our first raid with all of us (previously only raided with my son or wife) and we ended up farming SoTP for Anarchy with three out of 4 of them getting it.

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