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Lasting Impression, Rockets, and You (or: “It has to be better than Frenzy, right?”)


Ever since the Rocket buff and the introduction of Lasting Impression to buff their damage further, I've been curious about just how good Lasting Impression is, and if the damage benefit it provides are worth the delayed explosion, which makes it harder to use against groups. Frenzy is the new hotness, specifically regarding the Extraordinary Rendition SMG, but I haven't seen anything comparing Lasting Impression and Frenzy directly. This applies most to the Code Duello seasonal RL, which can roll either Lasting Impression or Frenzy in the second column. (Plus it's Solar for you Warmind Cell users) This testing was performed with two Code Duellos, both at 1309LL, with my LL at 1327. Neither Code Duello had Impact Casing selected. I fired at the boss at the end of the Trostland Lost Sector in the church. Here are the numbers for a single shot.

RLImpactExplosionTotal% Diff
LI + Boss Spec174676955087017+ 1.39
Frenzy + Boss Spec190556676885823

So: Lasting Impression's explosion does about 5% more damage than the explosion from Frenzy, but Frenzy's impact damage almost makes up for that difference. Why is the impact damage different though? Frenzy is a flat buff that also applies to the impact damage, while Lasting Impression only buffs the explosion. I don't have a Code Duello with both Impact Casing and Frenzy, but I expect this would match or surpass a Code Duello with Impact Casing and Lasting Impression, since Frenzy and Impact Casing would likely stack.


Additionally, I did not get to test this, but I suspect that Argent Ordnance does not work so easily with Lasting Impression if you are using Autoloading Holster. Godslayer Warheads from Argent Ordnance activates when you ready or reload the Rocket, and is consumed when you damage an enemy with the Rocket. If you ready and shoot your Lasting Impression Rocket, you will activate the Godslayer Warheads buff, but if you swap away immediately to let ALH reload for you, I am not sure if you benefit from the Godslayer buff.

So: which is better? On paper, they will both net you about the same damage per Rocket. However, you then need to consider ease of use. Lasting Impression will always be active, so you will always get its damage buff, while Frenzy requires you to be near enemies and "in combat", but you get your damage up front. Additionally, if you are using Argent Ordnance, Frenzy is probably your go-to because of odd interactions between Godslayer Warheads and Lasting Impression. (Assuming Godslayer and Frenzy stack, I believe they do but I could be wrong) That said, both are very good, so don't go scrapping your Impact Casing/ALH/Lasting Impression Code Duello just because Frenzy might be easier to use.

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