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LFG Raiding Advice: Learn how to callout!

destiny2 4 - LFG Raiding Advice: Learn how to callout!

Hello Everyone. My name is LondonDude. I LFG Raids quite a bit, and one thing I've noticed is that people's Callout Game is weak as fuck! As someone who was praised on his Callouts by a random guy the other day, I felt that I should post this little guide in how to do Callouts good in your next Raid!

  1. Clear + Concise – You ever see Bruce Almighty, with the news reporter? Dont do that! Your objective with Callouts is to convey the information needed, as quick as possible. As such, your Callout should be as descriptive as possible, without becoming unclear. Nobody is looking for the complete works of Shakespeare here, but it doesnt have to impress your English Teacher either. If you can make a Callout in 3 words, and have it be easily understood, then you're golden.
  2. Standardize Callouts 1 – You should standardize your Callouts in how your team understands them. Most encounters have standard strategies, however some variations will exist within different groups. Does your team call "1 to 5, 6 to 10" or "Dark/Light 1 to 5". Figure it out beforehand, so there are no problems within the raid.
  3. Standardize Callouts 2 – You should also standardize your Callouts in how YOU call them out. Its a little thing, but your team will subconsciously pick up on it. If you are placed in a role which requires multiple Callouts, make sure you use the same "format" of speaking every time. Will it sound weird to speak? Yes. Will your Team thank you for it? Probably not. But that one time that someone misunderstands wont be YOUR fault!
  4. Complete Callouts – Theres nothing worse than an incomplete Callout. Trust me. If im waiting on information, i'd rather have all the info at the same time. Try not to "erm" or "ah" halfway through a Callout. At the beginning is understandable, but hearing "Left Side erm 2 and erm 5" is not good for anyone!
  5. Repetition Rocks – Raids are loud, confusing places. Theres bosses, ads, and some guy arguing with his missus. Callouts can easily be missed, especially if people arent paying attention. Repeating a Callout straight away is great at negating these problems. It takes all of 1.3 Seconds, and could save a wipe!
  6. Callout EVERYTHING – Okay, maybe not EVERYTHING. Not a single person on earth needs to know about every Dreg you've killed. As a general rule: if someone else is relying on that info, then Call It Out! "Servitor Downstairs Left Dead" is good enough.
  7. Countdowns – Did you know that Mic Delay exists? Its true! Play a song down the mic, and get a friend to sing it back to you. Thats Mic Delay. Mic Delay can really make Counting Down difficult. If you're going to count anything down, make sure you standardize "3,2,1,go" and account for Mic Delay when you shoot yourself.
  8. Names – "On Me" is the bain of my existence! This is an LFG Lobby, I dont know your voice, who the hell is "Me". Get used to referring to yourself by your screen name. If your screen name is something stupid, thats on you. Get it changed to something decent!
  9. "Heard" – The dangerous other-side of Callouts: Understanding other people. Other People suck at Callouts (probably because they havent read this yet). Best thing you can do is give some response that shows you've heard and understood the Callout. A simple "heard" will do (any Chefs in the house will agree with that), or repeating the Callout back to them is another good strategy.

And there yo go. Your Callout game is strong as fuck now! Go forth and call things out to your hearts content!

And if you see me on Xbox LFG, say hey!

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