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List of broken / impossible triumphs in Beyond Light (and other general issues)

destiny2 8 - List of broken / impossible triumphs in Beyond Light (and other general issues)

Going through and completing all the triumphs for locations I didn't get around to before Beyond Light.

Some of these may have been broken before Beyond Light, I just know they are broken now


Completely broken:

Spider weekly lost sector bounties not rotating – currently preventing me from completing Nessus as he has sold Silent Fang for 6 weeks straight

Nightfall triumphs for non-ordeal strikes – The hollowed lair is an example for one I can't complete, as it will never be an ordeal (no scorn champions AFAIK), stops me from completing Tangled Shore

Ahamkara bones missing – I believe bungie have addressed this, and I know it was the holidays recently, but an update on this would be nice (especially as those in Ascendant challenges are time gated for up to six weeks), stops me completing Dreaming City

Keep of Honed Edges (Ascendant Challenge) not completing – I know this challenge has been bugged before, and people will say "just carry the sword all the way through", I have been trying it for an hour, carrying sword whole way through whilst trying to get time trial, and it hasn't worked. It registered for the bounty, but not the triumph, again prevents completion of Dreaming City


Something to note:

Portal to the confluence within Harbringer's Seclude has disappeared – Noticed this when following a guide to get chests, tried reloading to the area 3 times and nothing, had to get to different location and use portal there, could be related to the changes that were made for this season (adding the cryptolith etc)


Other issues (more game design than bugs):

Removing legacy nightfall's time gates a lot of triumphs – totally understand why they were removed, but maybe its best to remove the triumphs, or provide some way of completing them outside of waiting multiple weeks for the right nightfall. This ties in to the impossible triumphs issue.


Very slow process to acquire CwL / warmind mods – I know many people have bought this up, but I have yet to see bungie address this (correct me if I am wrong). This is a serious issue which cuts out new players from getting to end-game content (grandmaster strikes etc). I know they are available from Banshee, but I have been checking their daily and am at about 1/3-1/4 of the mods unlocked, including the few I picked up at the end of last season. This has put me of even bothering to get max gear and try and be competitive this season, and may put me off of it next season, as I can't run the majority of the meta builds (until Banshee shows me some love).


I understand that Beyond Light was a huge change, especially with the vaulting, and all whilst WFH but it would be good to see bungie address some of these issues, as it has been 2 months now. Just to know they were aware and would fix would make things a bit easier.


To people who may be tempted to say "oh well should have been there / done it when it worked" I get that, I really do. However thousands of new players start this game every day, and I myself am quite new. Currently of the 4 locations I have tried to complete 3 are impossible to complete at all, and the 4th has me waiting for 2 ordeals to roll around (Lake of Shadows and The Arms Dealer), both of which I am not sure if they are even in the rotation. You have to see that from a new players perspective this sucks, and they either need to be fixed, or moved to legacy triumphs.


Thanks for listening to my ted talk.


EDIT: Just found another "Wisdom of the Witch" appears to also be bugged. Also just realized I posted this like 2 days before a TWAB, so hopefully all (at least some) of it will be mentioned in that!

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