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List of new enemies (bosses included) that have been seen in Beyond Light media, and possible explanations.

destiny2 6 - List of new enemies (bosses included) that have been seen in Beyond Light media, and possible explanations.

What the title says. Sorry for big blocks of text, and sorry for youtube links.

War Mechs. Appear to be killed in a similar way to Fallen Walkers. At first I believed these to be inspired by Insurrection Prime, but then I realized that Insurrection's right arm and top left cannon are Black Armoury tech. Therefore, Insurrection Prime was simply a modified War Mech- these are the unmodified versions. Interestingly, there is a War Mech with Black Armoury tech here– note it's top left cannon (it's, not ours). This model contrasts with the one we see here– I believe that this new modified one is also Kell's Scourge due to its B.A tech as well as the spikey protrusions on its "head" that are similar to Insurrection's. Unimportant, but they're using biped mechs rather than pentaped mechs because in the end both kind of mechs are heavy enough to just go through the snow and strong enough to easily push through it (plus, due to Europa's temperature and overall climate, the snow would probably be thin and like powder- not thick and clumpy).

Exo Vandal. Here's another shot, but far more obscured. I know that it's a bold claim, to say that it's an Exo, but let me explain. This shot is within the Deep Stone Crypt, wherein Exos were manufactured. Eramis was once of Devils, who are known for their want to take and use powerful technology. They've done this in the form of SIVA (hell, Eramis tried to do that again with Outbreak Perfected but we stopped her), and now they're doing it with Darkness under the new banner of House Darkness. It is not a stretch to say that they would be interested in Exo tech, especially considering that Fallen worship technology. This Exo Vandal's head is not a helmet- it would have no space for a head because it is far too small. It seems to have a form of power pack on it's back (funnily enough in the shape of what seems to be a tetrahedron, the shape associated with the Darkness). Additionally, it is covered in tech and plating (the tubes leading to it's head, the lights on it's head, electronic elements on it's arms, etc) Anyways, that poor shank! The vandal jumped off of it and it exploded 🙁


Potential House of Wolves. Potential! Not absolute!!! The character in the foreground is holding a Shock Rifle, not Lord of Wolves- it could be possible that the Shock Rifle is a new exotic, but the character is also doing an animation unused in Guardians. The dark blue armour is not used in House Darkness Vandals either- nor here or

. This new enemy also has green eyes and a completely dark blue helmet. Also, there's a Fallen War Mech with the same colour palette here, and it's probably not a House Darkness mech because it lacks a sizeable amount of white in it's palette (also it looks a lot more like D1 fallen aesthetic, what with the smooth overlayed panels). Nevermind, that Mech is also seen here. Seems like there are different variations of mechs. This stuff is a big reach, but it's an interesting detail nevertheless!!!

Weird not-shanks. Don't know what these are, except they look like they're either scanning something or they have Fallen Tripmines on their faces and are going to act like faster, flying screebs. No explanation for these except maybe the Fallen just got bored?

Various Stasis-wielding Fallen. This is just a list, because there's quite a few. Daggers, Daggers again, Eyebeam, Behemoth, and of course Eramis. Is it possible that we unlock our Stasis powers by learning them from the Fallen who already know how to use them? I mean, Daggers and Revenant hunter are very close in aesthetic (big pointy icicles), Behemoth and Behemoth titan are practically the same (punch ground for big ice), and Eyebeam and Shadebinder warlock are similar in aesthetic (shooting a lot of ice projectiles). I think that'd be a cool way of unlocking Stasis, and it'd go well with Sword Logic (i.e gaining the strength of those you kill) which makes sense if we're leaning into Darkness.

Vex Leg Fucks. Can't think of a better name. Seem to charge up then release, jumping at us with a big AOE. Also seen here, and hinted at here.

Okay. I think that's all the enemies. I've given some possible explanations but feel free to ignore them if you want. I mostly made this as a resource for myself but I figured I'd share it with you guys just in case. Again, apologies for youtube links- it's much easier to do than to find the appearance in the video, screenshot it, save it, upload it to imgur then link it here.

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