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*LONG READ* I saw a post about a lack of Catalysts on Forsaken+ guns, so I made some!

destiny2 6 - *LONG READ* I saw a post about a lack of Catalysts on Forsaken+ guns, so I made some!

I have some ideas for catalysts for these guns:

Wavesplitter: sin+1 Makes the weapon at its peak damage do more damage, and increase the minimum damage at the lowest point at the "wave"

Trinity Ghoul: Tempest Tempo

Give it Archer's Tempo, it makes the electric chain farther.

Wish Ender: Queen's Calm/ Queen''s Cunning Give it something like No Distractions on steroids

Chaperone: Taming the Bull I would do full auto but that'd make it broken, so let's just give it a buff to how long Roadborn lasts.

Malfeasance: Shadow's Might Buff Range, Handling, and Stability when invading. This gun needs love!

Two-Tailed Fox: Kitsune's Sight

Marks Targets that are hit by the rockets briefly. This one was hard to think for.

Queenbreaker's Bow: Eliksni Ingenuity Precision kills create slowing fields. I think it might be viable in PvE, but hopefully it wouldn't break PvP

1k Voices: Extra Voices

Adds one extra bullet in the mag and adds 2 extra particles it shoots out.

Thorn: Corrupted Vengence Remnants fully reload the magazine. I had no idea what to do with this gun because its really good rn.

Last Word: Curse's Vestige

The first precision kill in the mag partially reloads it and increases stability

for 5 seconds.

Monte Carlo: Small Fortune

Melee Kills overflow from reserves (up to 47 bullets)

Bastion: Saint’s Skull

Enemies are staggered by the 3rd burst of kinetic slugs.

Arbalest: Unrelenting


Shields that are broken with this weapon always cause an elemental explosion from that shield.

Jotunn: Viking Funeral The explosion is bigger from Jotunn shots. Yes, the name is fan service.

Le Monarque: The Distraction

Enemies affected by spread poison have their radar disabled. Also grants Archer’s Tempo

Tarrabah: Fattened from Strength

When using Ravenous Beast, it decreases damage from all sources.

Devils Ruin: Further Ruination

Gives Devil’s Ruin 24 ammo in the magazine and a faster charge time for the laser.

Divinity: Atonement

Enemies are slowed for a moderate period after Penance is active.

Thunderlord: Stormy Day

This weapon generates more lighting strikes when Reign Havoc or Lightning Rounds activates.

Anarchy: Siviks’ Humor

Anarchy shots last longer and connect from longer distances.

Truth: Pursuant of Answers

Increases the velocity and reload speed of Truth

Deathbringer: Cathartic Song

More Void orbs will spawn when detonating. Orbs that impact have a chance of leaving them more vulnerable to damage from all sources.

Xenophage: Burning Vengence

Deals bonus damage against Hive and grants rounds damage over time.

Leviathan’s Breath: Leviathan’s Momentum

Gives it Archer’s Tempo

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