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Lumina – A small request for the rare healer.

destiny2 7 - Lumina - A small request for the rare healer.

First time posting, but I wanted to send a small request to the Bungie Dev team. Hoping this post can provide constructive feedback if it reaches the team. I have been playing with Lumina in PVE for a little bit and I love the concept of the gun. Having some sort of team support built into the weapon is such a unique concept. At the moment however there is one glaring issue with the weapon. So I came here to provide some thoughts.

The main issue I run into with this weapon is the Remnant mechanic. For those who are unfamiliar, once you land a final blow on an opponent they drop a "remnant" which the user of the Lumina can pick up to get 1 Noble Round. That Noble round can then be hipfired at an ally to heal them and give you both a damage buff. Which is awesome… seriously, it's fun. But, remnants can only be collected once the player gets within a certain range and that creates… issues.

Herein lies the main problem with the weapon. When you are in a fireteam situation, especially one in high level content, you are often hanging back and picking away at enemies. When you do this with the Lumina and enemies drop remnants, you are put in an a couple of less than ideal situations. You can either A) continue to hang back and wait for the firefight to end and collect noble rounds for the next encounter, which sort makes the Lumina feel wasted during the fight itself; or B) You can try your luck and run into the range at which you can grab remnants.


This is where things get very awkward to use. Once the wielder enters remnant range, they are usually between the enemies and their fireteam, meaning you must face two entirely different directions to either kill enemies or heal your allies. Want to heal your friends? Turn your back on the things trying to kill you and hope for the best. This is compounded by the fact that enemies tend to get more aggressive as you close the range between you and them. So the wielder is sometimes forced to hipfire enemies closing in on them fast, thereby wasting the Noble Rounds they just risked their lives to grab.

(tl:dr) So, I have a proposed solution (at least for PVE), please make the remnants track the user regardless of range. This would allow the healer to hang back and keep allies and foes within their FOV, making the gun much more versatile in higher level content. This would also help with the knock-on effect of having to desperately hip-fire enemies trying to close in to melee range.

P.S. Thanks for all the hard work this season, and all last year. Your game has kept so many of us connected with our friends and family and that means so much to so many of us. Love you guys and gals! Looking forward to 14 and the future!

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