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Made a fun Cata-List for Exotic Weapons

destiny2 8 - Made a fun Cata-List for Exotic Weapons

*All of the best ideas get added to the post. Let us see what happens guys This should be interesting. * (:

  • Kinetic

Sweet Business – Hold X to combine all 150 rounds into 1 Shotgun Blast


Vigilance Wing – When you defeat an enemy a murder of crows attacks nearby players with sticks.

Rat King – Summons Master splinter beside you to one shot kung-fu kick other players.

Mida Multi-Tool – Enables the super secret watergun features.

Crimson – Your vision gets progressively more red until the weapon is unequipped.

The Jade Rabbit – Activating Fate of All Fools loads a tracking round that fires carnivorous rabbits at your foes.

The Huckleberry

SUROS Regime

Cerberus+1 – Every kill you get you get an extra barrel to a maximum of 50.

Wish-Ender – Shoots though walls when fully charged up.


Ace of Spades – Firefly now has a Global Reach Warmind Cell explosion.

The Chaperone

Izanagi's Burden

The Last Word – Maxes out the range and Removes the Recoil.



Outbreak Perfected

Bad Juju


Monte Carlo – When you empty the gun you can use it as a sword.

Bastion – Grants Triple Tap.

Witherhoard – Omnigul's Scream plays at max volume upon detonation and causes disorientation for the closest enemy players.

Traveler's Chosen – Fires Motes of Light at all guardians whether friendly or foe.

No Time to Explain


  • Energy


Fighting Lion – Fires an actual lion that has boxing gloves and proceeds to beat people to death.

Sunshot – Damaging an enemy marks them as a destination for a warsat landing.

Graviton Lance – Cosmetology Void Orb are replaced with Nova Bombs that track indefinitely.

Skyburners Oath – Hold X to Masterwork.


Hard Light


Borealis – Any players who witness a Borealis kill are stunned by the beauty of it all.

Prometheus Lens – The ball that is generated when damaging enemies never shrinks.



Polaris Lance – Fires Harpoons at Enemies. (Able to pin enemies to walls or to each other.)

Trinity Ghoul – Summons 3 ghosts that spook all enemies to death.

Wavesplitter – Shoots a Hydro Pump out of the barrel blowing enemies through walls.

Lord of Wolves

Jotunn – After a kill a voice line plays saying "I'm better than you." In a condescending voice tone.

Le Monarque

Tarrabah – Unleashing the Beast for too long turns the tables; you are now the Beast, and you wield the Guardian as a weapon.

Eriana's Vow



Devil's Ruin


Tommy's Matchbook

The Fourth Horseman

Ruinous Effigy


  • Heavy

The Prospector

Tractor Cannon

Legend of Acrius


The Wardcliff Coil

The Colony – Replaces the tracking explosive robots with giant spiders that have missiles on their backs.

Worldline Zero – You are able to dual wield two swords for two dashes.

Sleeper Simulant – Reflects Infinitely

Whisper of the Worm – Fires an ether-infused worm (i.e. Broodhold) that attaches to your enemy and explodes five seconds later.

One Thousand Voices – Pulling trigger automatically aims to nearest enemy regardless of distance and kills them through walls anyways.

Two-Tailed Fox

Black Talon

The Queenbreaker – Pull trigger to Solar Flare everyone including yourself.

Thunderlord – Fires mini Mjolnir Hammers in full auto.


Truth – Alt F4



Leviathan's Breath

Heir Apparent

Eyes of Tomorrow

Salvation's Grip

The Lament – Instead of damage, The Lament will automatically delete an enemy’s source code upon contact, erasing them from the sever.

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