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Main Ingredient was also removed from the loot pool

destiny2 2 - Main Ingredient was also removed from the loot pool

Right away I want to stop people from rushing in with "you just have bad RNG!" and "I'm pretty sure I got one the other day!", because… when I made multiple posts about True Prophecy being removed, those were the main replies I got. Those threads were downvoted into oblivion. But I persisted, tagging and messaging Bungie staff until eventually they came out and admitted it in a TWAB.

I know Main Ingredient has been removed too because I've again spent thousands of vendor tokens and holiday cookies, played 5+ hours a day consistently, and have not received a single Main Ingredient in the past month. I've had dozens of drops of every other weapon in the pool. Main Ingredient is gone. The only way I could be proven wrong is if you have timestamped video proof of it dropping in the past month. And I highly doubt such proof exists, even if we compiled all streamer footage over that time and scanned it with an algorithm.

The reasoning for True Prophecy being removed was supposedly that:

True Prophecy was removed due to adding the Seventh Seraph hand cannon and wanting to make sure the world pool has a balanced distribution. Those two along with Dire Promise would mean players would be getting more kinetic hand cannons over other drops in the world pool, and our goal is to ensure players have wide variety of archetypes in the world pool.

Most of us agree that these three hand cannons are wildly different from each other and should all have remained in the pool (honestly I suspect TP's removal had more to do with its clone Steady Hand coming back). But if this was Bungie's reasoning, we can understand how it would apply to Main Ingredient as well. On the same day they re-added the Seventh Seraph HC and removed True Prophecy, they re-added Hollow Words. Hollow Words is an arc precision frame fusion rifle, just like Main Ingredient. It was always strange that they both existed simultaneously – Hollow Words should have been a different element from the beginning. But Bungie made that mistake, and this is a poor way of correcting it. It's more like a coverup. I prefer the perk pool for Main Ingredient by a longshot, and wish I could get more rolls to tinker with.


Personally I'm far less irritated by this than the True Prophecy removal, but it's still just sad to see them making the same strange decision twice. And weird they never mentioned Main Ingredient when they mentioned True Prophecy. Are there others? Will this happen again? We're all asking for more loot, and they're taking loot away before it's sunset. They made that big announcement about increasing the loot pool and we all sang their praises, meanwhile they secretly removed 2+ weapons at the same time. Plus all the 1260-capped weapons. What was the net benefit considering this? Couldn't have been much.

EDIT: Remembering right now how I made a conscious decision last season to not spend much time grinding Menagerie for a Main Ingredient (they were dropping 1360-capped from Menagerie) because I knew I'd get plenty more over the next few seasons from world drops. Love or hate sunsetting I'm sure we can all agree that Bungie needs to at least be transparent about things and not make sudden, secretive decisions like this that screw over players who made their own decisions based on what expectations Bungie had previously set out. If a weapon is capped to a certain season, we should be able to continue obtaining it until that season. Period.

EDIT2: People are suspecting Last Dance may have been removed too, perhaps due to slight overlap with the returning Seventh Seraph sidearm. I noted half an hour ago that there were 120.9k+ copies of Last Dance in the game, and now there are 121.1k+ copies. See here, under "Community Average Roll". Main Ingredient, on the other hand, currently has 39.7k+ copies. It should be dropping at the same rate as Last Dance, so that seems like a big discrepancy. Perhaps more people keep Last Dance and dismantle Main Ingredient, but still. There are 3x more Last Dances. Let's see if the Main Ingredient number goes up today.

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