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Make The Memory of Cayde Class Items Permanent

destiny2 10 - Make The Memory of Cayde Class Items Permanent

Spoiler warning for those who haven’t played forsaken.

Since I started playing Destiny back when Crota’s End was launched I’ve always been a Titan main. Despite my love for being a Titan the one Vanguard that always stood out to me and was my favourite to interact with was Cayde. In forsaken when Cayde was killed myself and many others in the community were shocked and upset… a Destiny favourite was killed off… we were hoping he would be brought back in some way but he never was… the one thing I was happy about was the Titan Mark we got to remember Cayde by. The original mark was sunset but brought back in the Season of The Hunt which made me happy but there was now a new issue… Since I was a Titan main I rarely played the other class types. In Destiny 1 I had a Hunter that I carried over into Destiny 2 but I didn’t carry over my Warlock as I only ever played the original introduction mission. Still I rarely played as my Hunter and never even played the Forsaken campaign on my Hunter. Fast forward to last season. I finally came back to the game after over a year long break. I reacquired the Memory of Cayde Titan Mark and was happy. At the start of this season I decided to start working on my Hunter and levelling it up. Upon completing Forsaken I didn’t get the Memory of Cayde Cloak and I was confused. I then started working on the lure thinking I needed to progress there since it was brought back in the Season of The Hunt but had no luck. Many other players also never got their Memory of Cayde class item upon completing Forsaken and haven’t been able to figure out why. Now I’m worried when I do Forsaken with my Warlock I will also lose out on the Memory of Cayde Bond. My other fear is the fact that the Memory of Cayde Class Item is still set to be subset at level 1410 and unless it’s added back a third time into the loot pool it will be gone forever. So my suggestion is to make the Memory of Cayde Class Item last forever. Like an exotic weapon/armour piece. The class items don’t have any character stats unless they are masterworked or have a mod on them. They also don’t provide any other buffs or stats to players that make them equal to weapons or armour. The class items are basically just cosmetic aside from their light level stat and making the Memory of Cayde class item permanent won’t ruin the game in any way. For some players this won’t affect them because they don’t run the Memory of Cayde class item anyways but for the players such as myself and my friends who do wear it it would mean a lot. Cayde was a fantastic character in the game and his death still has an impact in the game. There is still no new Hunter Vanguard, new players still learn about Cayde during their introduction to the game and Forsaken is still available to purchase and play. Keep his memory alive not just in dialogue but with his class item. “Hey… take me with you.” — Cayde-6


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