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Make the secret chest in the Sparrow Race farmable….since Scourge is going away

destiny2 4 - Make the secret chest in the Sparrow Race farmable....since Scourge is going away

There are people with dozens of clears that still don't have the Sparrow and the Mods from it.

At the very least tell us if we're going to be able to buy the mods from banshee, and earn the sparrow for bright dust or something.

Edit 1: Obligatory "formatting revisions" edit tag.

Edit 2: Might as well apply the same effect to the Acrius, Telesto, and Sleeper Catalysts

Edit 3: I already knew this, but for those that didn't, the checkpoint for scourge raids doesn't reset each week, allowing you to not have to do the first encounter. You can then 2 man the sparrow race forever essentially.

Edit 4: To further the point of why, I feel like it's necessary to elaborate on what we know already (I'm on mobile so forgive formatting issues):

  • There will be 3 raids in the fall. The New one in the deep stone crypt, and 2 others, presumably Garden of Salvation and Last Wish, based off of power levels of gear, and the moments of triumph stuff, and I believe bungie also confirming it somewhere that scourge is going away.
  • Beyond Light trailers heavily feature Fallen. We've seen mini Insurrection Primes, and Waves of Fallen. Fallen Barrier, Armaments, Repurposing, and Invigoration, will inevitably be useful in higher level strikes at the minimum, not to say what we might face in the new raid or possibly a new dungeon.
  • Fallen mods can only be obtained from the extra chest and do not have increased drop chances. The Sparrow (Always on Time) only has one that can rival it and it's the one from last Solstice (EV-37 Voidstreak), which obviously is not in any loot pools, although it does get better drop chances.
  • Even Last Wish has at least 2 different sources for its mods, and as a result, I myself have already gotten all the taken mods, after having none, in only A few weeks because I was lucky. I've also run Scourge several times since the new season, and have only ever gotten 1 mod. Last Wish is also more than likely staying, making farming easier, do to more time.
  • Some or most of us already have an armor 1.0 version of these mods, but we can't use them. We did our grind for these once before.
  • The teams that are farming the raid on LFG are mostly going for the weapons that ARE farmable. It's harder to get a group to do the sparrow race and just the sparrow race but not hard at all to find an Anarchy farming team.
  • Hive mods, while also going away, are still farmable because they drop from every encounter of Crown and from Menagerie as well.
  • We only just learned about Content Vaulting a few months ago. And while we are planning on farming every week for them, it would be reassuring to know that we have a 99% chance of getting them this season instead of something like a 60% chance

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