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Managed to solo flawless Prophecy yesterday. Here’s a few tips for anyone looking to give it a go (Xb1 – Warlock)

destiny2 1 - Managed to solo flawless Prophecy yesterday. Here's a few tips for anyone looking to give it a go (Xb1 - Warlock)

I'm gonna start by saying I'm aware there's likely a good few of these in circulation, but this was just my run through, after a real labour of love yesterday.

Also, it's totally ok to fail… Over and over. You need to get a feel for it. I was at it for around 5-6hrs yesterday, total. And, to put it into perspective, my final, successful, run was 45m50s.

You will come to control every encounter with time.

A few mods I found incredibly useful for my run: 1) Taken Barrier 2) Taken Armaments 3) Gathering Light 4) High Energy Fire 5) Oppressive Darkness

I also spec'd for 100 recovery for every encounter. Survivability is, obviously, key. I'm also excluding the very first encounter as it is simply an introduction to the mote gathering mechanic.

Ok, here goes.

Phalanx Boss

Subclass – Attunement of Grace

Loadout – Mountaintop (major spec) / Riskrunner / Fallen Guillotine (relentless, whirlwind)

Exotic – Phoenix Protocol

  • To start, I normally pop a well immediately to the right and in the dark. Drop a grenade on the knight as he spawns in and MT to finish. Switch to Riskrunner to immediately kill ALL psions (anytime they spawn, they take priority… Always)
  • You can drop either the knight to your right or left with relative ease to get you x5 motes of dark.
  • I would advise dunking lower dark and lower light first as they are the riskiest
  • Rinse and repeat, dunking upper light or upper dark last. This allows you to drop directly down onto the boss with Well. Start unloading with FG. For the most part, you can ignore the goblins shielding so long as the boss stays in the well. This is a relatively comfortable one-phase.

Blights / Wasteland Arena

Subclass – Attunement of Hunger

Loadout – Mountaintop (major spec) / Subtle Calamity bow (taken spec) / Xenophage

Exotic – Nez Sin

  • This is a very straightforward and self explanatory encounter.
  • Dont take any risks. Subtle Calamity will one shot headshot the hobgoblins from a very safe distance.
  • Xeno will drop the blights in 3 shots
  • Try to have devour proc'd constantly to allow you gain health and grenade back (grenade killing those thrall will get you Xeno ammo back with TA mod equipped)

Encounter 4 aka 'The Chamber of Disorientation'

Subclass – Attunement of Hunger

Loadout – Mountaintop (major spec) / Gnawing Hunger (taken spec) / Anarchy (Although Wendigo is clutch for blinding those knights and allowing you to recover)

Exotic – Nez Sin

  • Have Devour proc'd pretty much all the time here. TRUST.
  • Take the two groups of ads out immediately as they spawn in and identify where in the room the Hobgoblins are positioned.
  • Break line of sight with them and drop them two at a time. One MT shot will do this.
  • Stick each knight with x1 Anarchy shot and find cover in the area that corresponds to where you need to dunk.
  • NOTE only dunk when safe from ads. You will be swarmed and those acolytes eyes will kill you very fast (dunking with devour up will kill acolytes eyes in close proximity and heal you… But I wouldn't recommend this as a strat). Better to clear another wave and dunk when safe than taking a risk.
  • Hobgoblins despawn a few seconds after the dunk but they can, and will, fire a few parting shots.
  • Clear all ads and gather ammo before ascending. Farm for heavy using TA mod if needs be.

  • Rinse and repeat until boss room. For the two Centurions, stick each with x2 Anarchy and get devour up.

  • Prioritise the Taken axion darts they fire, these will hurt. Clean up the ads as you go to keep devour going and fire MT at the two bosses when you get a chance. They don't have much health and will drop relative quickly.

Rainbow Road aka the 'Death Ribbons'

Loadout here is pretty much unchanged. I changed Gnawing Hunger to Subtle Calamity again.

Walk down the ribbons if you like, using MT to dispatch the vandals from distance. You can use your sparrow, as I did in my successful run, but just make sure there are no vandals up beforehand.

Final Boss

Subclass – Attunement of Hunger

Loadout – Mountaintop (boss spec) / Subtle Calamity bow (taken spec) / Anarchy

Exotic – Nez Sin

First of all, take a breather. You're nearly there. Walk around, grab a drink…

  • have devour proc'd, again, pretty much all the time. Use grenades to farm heavy ammo ONLY if you are maintaining devour steadily.
  • Prioritise psions. They will ruin your run. If they are allowed to multiply they will make it near impossible to dunk without dying.
  • In the first room, as it is fixed, I always like to dunk far side first, regardless. There are two knights spawn in open ground there and, as such, it is the riskiest plate to dunk on.
  • Once you dunk here, move round behind the small stone covers to your right or left and pop a healing rift. Stick x2 Anarchy to the ogre and slap with x1 MT shot. Crouch and wait for him to drop. DO NOT leave the ogre unchecked as they will teleport to you and their knock back beam is incredibly obnoxious.
  • You now control one side of the room. The hardest transition is over. This is now your safe spot. Honestly, from here, you are fine. Deal with ads if and when they spawn. Use the technique from the Hexahedron phase to stick the knights and retreat to safety.
  • To be super safe, clear all ads before descending to the boss room (no joke, I had an ogre teleport into the boss room with me and eye blast me off the edge…)

DPS Phase

  • I started each phase with an oppressive darkness grenade at the boss' feet followed by a nova bomb and x2 anarchy shots. Slap MT into him until Dark Entropy hits around 4 or 5.
  • Start moving beyond the boss, dropping Hobgoblins first (Always) with one Subtle calamity headshot.
  • Utilise the cover of the small pillars to stop the boss teleporting you. IF he does teleport you, do not hold down your thumbstick to keep running as it has a tendency to spawn you looking directly off a ledge (you can easily run to your death). You can easily catch up to him before dark entropy climbs too high.
  • Use oppressive darkness where afforded the luxury but do not be afraid to use your grenade to proc devour instead.
  • Rinse and repeat damage, making sure the boss is constantly being dealt tick damage from multiple Anarchy sticks. Pound him with MT where you can.
  • Once he teleports away, allow your grenade to recharge (and super too, if you really wanna be safe). You want to make sure you can have devour up from the get go when you get back in.
  • Rinse and repeat. If done efficiently, you can 3 phase the boss comfortably.

And that's it. Congratulations!

If you read all of this, then I both admire and thank you! Good luck to anyone attempting it. Perseverance is key… You WILL beat it.

Enjoy the Sparrow, Ghost and Emblem. And thanks again for reading!

EDIT: Turns out Taken Spec offers a flat bonus on damage that outdoes Major and Boss spec. Apply this to your weapons where applicable

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