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Mark my words, the next time we get Crucible adjustments, Top-Tree Dawnblade is getting nerfed soon, all thanks to “According to our data…”

destiny2 2 - Mark my words, the next time we get Crucible adjustments, Top-Tree Dawnblade is getting nerfed soon, all thanks to "According to our data..."

Top-Tree Dawnblade is the only competitive subclass for Warlocks right now, Shadebinder has received 4 nerfs, the most recent one is doubling down on our already shitty melee, Penumbral Blast, it's clear that someone (maybe the whole team) at sandbox balance hates Warlocls with a passion.

This shit has happened before to the point it's almost silly, lemme list you A FEW examples.

  • You had fun with Nova Warp when it launched? Bungo says no u, no fun allowed.
  • You switched to Top-Tree Nova and paired with an old exotic to make it viable in PvE? Nope, get that shit in the garbage right now. (Skull of Dire Ahamkara)
  • You're using an exotic and locking yourself into a support role for your team to even attempt some raids? Nope, you get double nerfs, one for your super, and one for your shoes, who do you think you are? Hunters? (Lunafaction)
  • You're using another exotic after we nerfed your shoes to get more supers after we told you it was wrong to have fun? HOW FUCKING DARE YOU? (Phoenix protocol)
  • You found a way around our brutal nerfs and still used Nova Warp to compete against the other two classes? Nope, insta-kill abilities aren't for Warlocks even if they needed an exotic to work properly. (Contraverse Holds)
  • You guys are using a crap-tier exotic to have the same wall-hacks as a Hunter super (that's still broken) and a Titan exotic but you're standing still on your class ability? HOW DARE YOU HAVE ANY SEMBLANCE OF CREATIVITY, reowrked, and nerfed. (Sanguine Alchemy)
  • You're freezing people at a distance and killing them with primary weapons even with the fact that your floaty ass is super easy to snipe or voop into oblivion? Nope, can't have that. (Shadebinder Launch)
  • You grabbed another crap-tier exotic and merged it with a fragment WE DESIGNED to do the same shit as Shatterdive and Titan melee, but worse? Fuck u here's a nerf to the exotic, the fragment and your class ability (Vesper of Radius)
  • You have the worst stasis class of all three to the point that completing your fragment quests is super grindy and frustrating? No, how dare you question my authority, here's another nerf for your melee ability, and we're gonna buff hunters while we're at it. (Penumbral Blast now does 38 damage, nerfed from 80)

Next thing we know we're gonna have our only competitive PvP class destroyed and our PvE support class destroyed AGAIN, because "Our data shows that you're using it too much!", no shit sherlock, it's the only useful thing that has survived the balance hammer, we Warlocks have had all of our viable builds either nerfed, neutered or ignored to the point that we barely have any usable classes (bottom void, bottom solar, top and bottom arc)

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