Destiny 2

Mum goes on a perilous quest

destiny2 9 - Mum goes on a perilous quest

(17) I'm at the hospital right now for shattering my ankle on the way to a new years eve party and had heard that the community dawning challenge had been completed but I had no way as I know of to obtain it, my mate was hammered and I was afraid he might accidentally delete my inventory or spend all my materials on aeon cult so my only option was the person at home watching a movie which she was very determined to not leave. I called her up and pleaded for about 3 minutes until she got up with a large sigh and turned on the ps4, I told her to turn on face time and so it begun.

First objective was getting to the orbit screen without her giving up which would be hard because ps4 wait times frustrate even regular players, luckily rngesus was pitiful this night and we loaded onto the character screen in just 1 minute. all way going well she picked my hunter because she liked the look of that one the most and orbit was successfully made but at this point she was already almost ready to leave so I tried to distract her by saying it was almost done even though I knew the final raid boss of loading into the tower was awaiting us.

Coordination on what buttons to press on the controller was going good so far but for some reason she turned off face time, I asked her to turn it back on but she argued it was already on and if this wasn't done yet she would leave so I had to take this one blind.

"ok you see the circle that your moving with the joystick"


"good I want you to move it up a little bit"

"ok…. done"

"that didn't sound like a little bit"

"it was now what do I do"


"ok click (x) on the big circle that looks like a planet"

"theres a big and small one"

"its the one in the middle of the screen"

"this is confusing and i'm missing my show!"

"chill chill your so close"

"ok fine i've click on it now what do i press"

"the arrow facing down with the circle around it"

"yes done, now do I press the green button"

"there we go"

"ok there is a man shooting me"


"(angry ugghh) this is taking so long)

"uuh press the rectangle button on the controller and hold triangle"

"the screen is red"

"just hold triangle"

"now im back at the start you said it would only be a few minutes!"

finally a minute after that and me trying to navigate her to the tower face time started working again and we were ready to face the raid boss. first minute in she was already frustrated but the notion that it would all be over soon kept her from leaving, second minute I had to distract her by asking what movie she was watching and if it was good, the third and last minute was the make it or break it moment and… we made it! She robotically moved towards the old Christmas lady boom the package was opened.

I was awarded with a 48 stat roll aeon swift.

The whole thing took 8-10 minutes in total and it made me feel old.

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