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My 7 year old daughter and I shared earbuds today for a run of DSC. This run Turned out to be the most memorable run of my Destiny clear.

destiny2 4 - My 7 year old daughter and I shared earbuds today for a run of DSC. This run Turned out to be the most memorable run of my Destiny clear.

Quick edit: Destiny Career* the pure joy and happiness took over and my grammar took a backseat

A little background on how we decided to share earbuds for this run. My daughter who is 7 has always asked me 1000s of questions about destiny over the years. She plays on my account just jumping around and loves how destiny looks and how “you can play dress up with your character.”

She got an Xbox s for Xmas and it is set up next to my PlayStation so we can game on monitors next to each other. I told her I was about to run a quick run with the boys and then it was bed time. This time around she asked if we could share my earbuds with me so she could listen to what’s going on and talk to my friends.

I hopped into chat and said “hey guys my daughter is joining us today let’s keep it pg.” they welcomed her with open arms and away we went.

Through each encounter I would explain to her the base mechanics and she would repeat it back to me to see if she got it right. She was completely blown away by how many moving pieces there were for us to execute at the same time.

The sparrow part really confused her because she didn’t understand why it had to blizzard so hard that we couldn’t see. Her overall thought was “it’s like playing Mario kart in the snow”

We get to crypt security and I explained to her the base of scanner and operator. I usually run operator down below so she got a first hands look down below. After some explaining she understood that scanner allowed you to “see” and operator allowed you to “do things” as she put it. After I hit all 4 panels down below. I told her how to call out which fuse to call out. She did it beautifully and the guys all hyped her up. The smile on her face was from ear to ear.

We get to Atraks and I explained to her what was going on. I run bottom scanner and told her one of them turn yellow and when we see one of them turn yellow we call it out. She was so stoked that she got to talk to the boys again and call out which one to hit. She did it perfectly and we easily one phased it.

We got to the jumping puzzle. I told her I’m going to turn the chat off so she can listen to the music for the first time because it was my favorite in the game. She fell in love with it. And guess what? She had me play it at bedtime tonight so she could fall asleep.


We get to the next part and I again give her the low down but explained suppressor to her and she seemed to get it. We were scanner this time and told her there was only 3 combos the bins would appear in. Top, bottom, right. When you see them turn yellow tell the team. Luckily we never lost scanner this round. When you could see the windows engulfed in fire she was stunned to see that we were actually falling from space. She said “we need to hurry up daddy and beat this!” She zoned in even more and called the bins out perfectly and off we went.

At this point Riley is beside herself blown away by how beautiful DSC is and that my clan buddies were accepting and loving her tagging along helping us beat it. All at the same time I’m watching her fall in love with destiny that has been so close to my heart for the past 5/6 years.

Taniks. The grand finale. Our job this time was suppressor. 4 bomb strat easy one phase. Rileys job? Count down from 15 once taniks comes back to the middle. So the Titan in the team knew when to throw his bubble up. We start the run and Taniks comes to the middle. It’s her turn, she’s up. She starts counting… The boys are going nuts hyping her up. She hits 1 the bubble goes up and it’s damage phase. PERFECT TIMING. She is so stoked she did it first try. We one phase him and the raid is over.

We get our loot. Still no launcher, and say our goodbyes. She asked me on the side if she could ask them if she can raid with them again. They all said yes, and she exploded with happiness and excitement. We said bye to everyone and they said “bye it was great running with you riley.”

Bungie. Thank you for creating a game that could produce such an experience with my 7 year old daughter. Thanks for having an absolute kick ass community. Thanks for pouring your hearts into this game and creating such amazing experiences.

A new guardian was born today. Destiny is downloading on my old PlayStation right now and she can not wait to make her character and take to the stars in the morning. This moment, this raid, is something she will forever cherish and so will I. She was talking about it all the way until she fell asleep tonight. It filled my heart with joy to see the moment she fell in love with destiny the same way I had years ago.

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