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My comprehensive list on what I believe needs to be done to make Destiny 2 a top notch, complete feeling game.

destiny2 4 - My comprehensive list on what I believe needs to be done to make Destiny 2 a top notch, complete feeling game.

TL;DR on top because it’s a very long post. Destiny is my favorite game but I’ve been lacking motivation to play it. So I’ve been thinking of what could be done to reach this games full potential. It is a long list so section headers will hopefully be enough to grasp the quick version if you feel so inclined.

I don’t believe this will get much traction, but if it does, thank you. This is going to take a while and might be long winded but I’ve been wanting to write it out. This comes from the lack of motivation I’ve had to play this expansion compared to others. I will say I do believe Beyond Light is definitely better than Shadowkeep, but I’m just not feeling the way I used to. This list will consist of some things that I view as reasonable but some will also be a bit far fetched. So without further ado, here’s my multi-sectioned list on what I think this game can and should become. Here we go.

Issue 1 – Loot

As a looter shooter, Destiny in its current state is lacking loot. I have a couple of suggestions that, in theory, will immediately remove that concern in the short term, but will also increase enjoyment in the long term.

  • Remove sunsetting on everything earnable in the game (i.e. Forsaken and Shadowkeep) except for Pinnacles/Rituals and continue this going forward.
    • To further this, turn Rituals back to Pinnacles. I liked Pinnacles as long as they weren't too OP (Mountaintop). It allows for one year with essentially a mini second exotic to use.
      • Bungie could even use the "mini exotic" idea and test potential exotic perks.
      • Keep the new Ritual earning and ornament system. It allows for people to go the extra mile if they want to and there is nothing wrong with that.
      • Nerf Pinnacles when necessary, but keep them slightly better than the average legendary.
    • Remove guns not earnable from the Collections tab. This cleans it up since there is no reason for it to be there if you haven't and can't earn it.
  • Yearly FULL Vendor Refreshes for Crucible, Gambit, and Strikes.
    • New armor and weapons for each vendor. I won't comment on whether the armor sets should be unique since the main point is new vendor weapons. Even like 5-6 per vendor still adds 15-18 new weapons to grind.
    • With this, remove the world loot pool from vendor engrams.
  • Yearly FULL Vendor Refreshes for Trials and Iron Banner and some misc. changes to those systems.
    • One new armor and weapons set per year from both would increase the loot pool further for those willing to go for it.
    • On top of that, for Trials armor, remove the emblem glow system and instead bring back flawless armor ornaments like D1 RoI.
      • One single use ornament per flawless run.
      • This makes the flawless grind more worthwhile for someone who doesn't go flawless weekly to show off that they made it once, potentially increasing the player pool.
    • Keep the Adept weapons, but instead of the unique shader system, which worked in D1 but since has become outdated due to us being able to shade weapons in D2, just change the models just enough to be noticeable.
  • Keep the new exotic armor system.

Issue 2 – Game/Endgame Longevity

As we all have started to notice, the endgame seems smaller than it has been. I have some ideas that I think would feel really rewarding, add to the endgame, and make it more replayable.

  • Bring back the weekly raid rotation and expand it to add a weekly dungeon rotation.
    • The weekly raid rotation allowed for every raid in D1 to be viable on a weekly basis. Adding a dungeon rotation would do the exact same thing.
    • To make this worth doing, I propose this:
      • Yearly, for (two? can be more idk) years after a raid's release, a new armor/armor ornament set would be added to keep the raid sustainable. For example, an Ahamkara set can be added to Last Wish. This way, Bungie can listen to feedback on the raid loot design and give it another go. The ornaments can either be only applied to the raid armor or just universal. These ornaments can be earned just like D1 by doing the weekly raid challenges. Dungeons do not need this treatment but would be vastly preferred.
      • Over time, like the armor, flesh out the weapon pool of each raid by adding new weapons to include every weapon type per raid.
      • This can add more years on to a raid's fresh life span.
  • Add a farmable arena mode.
    • I envision this as a combination between Prison of Elders and the Menagerie. This would include a brand new armor and weapon set with a potential yearly refresh.
      • Prison of Elders horde mode type gameplay.
      • Menagerie farming method, with selectable loot, masterwork and some stat influence for armor like the Umbral Engrams but done better than that as it didn't work properly.
    • I genuinely have no idea why it was taken away. Factions was never broken and there was no need to fix it. Let's break it down into simple numbers.
      • Based of off RoI, this is what factions gives. 9 armor sets per year in total. Roughly 18 weapons per year in total. That is all anyone wants. Faction loot.
    • A faction rally type event can happen, but allow us to level up our factions all the time like D1.
      • The "faction rally" can serve as a double faction XP type of thing.
    • Alternatively, they could introduce a Faction War. I would love to hear your ideas on this one and I can edit this portion to compile them into an idea. All I have so far is a monthly event like Iron Banner where you do something to increase XP and the faction that wins gets something unique.
    • Bring back exotic faction class items to increase XP gains. As simple as that.
      • It could be earned through a faction quest at a certain rank.
  • Bring back SRL permanently.
    • I would love to see it come back because of its unique gameplay and armor style.
    • As a side effect, bringing back SRL would make Amanda Holliday useful by making her the SRL vendor.
  • New Crucible/Gambit maps and strikes.
    • It was a tough pill to swallow for some people to see no new maps and one new strike. There does not need to be an abundance or new maps but just some to make the modes feel fresher.


Issue 3 – Power Levelling and Artifact Mods.

Power Levelling is starting to become a problem and with the help of u/spasticbiscuit there are options that can be done. Artifact mods also are too limiting in their nature.

  • Remove the Pinnacle cap and solely rely on Artifact levels or vice versa.
    • This can clear up some confusion as the Artifact can totally replace the Pinnacle cap. On the other hand, removing the Artifact level would keep the game more consistent for new and veteran players.
  • Make Artifact mods more broad to allow for Bungie's vision of "play how you want to play."
    • Last Season, Oppressive Darkness almost forced you to use a Void subclass in PvE, and while it's fun to explore different subclasses, it feels wrong to be locked to a certain subclass in high level content like GM Nightfalls.

Suggestion 1 – Make Clans more interesting.

Clans haven't really amounted to much and I have some ideas to fix that and make it more worthwhile.

  • This one is simple – Clan Social Spaces
    • For those of you who play Warframe, this would be like the Dojos and would allow you to contribute to your clan and make a space where you can show off your clans achievements. This can be where a Tribute Hall like "Gun Range" can be placed where you can test weapons.
  • Clan Shader
    • Many people wouldn't be too original with the shader, but for those who want to show off their clan colors, a shader can be made for clanmates to be equipped.
  • Clan Emblem
    • This is the same as the shader, but can also be applied to ships and sparrows as decorations.

Suggestion 2 – QoL Changes on shaders.

  • Shader/Ornament 2.0
    • A YouTuber, Sami Glitch, did it perfectly. I would like to expand on it by adding ornaments to it as well so it all can be in one place without having to change it every time you change armor.

Suggestion 3 – Overhauling the Vendor ranks.

The vendor rank system is good but could be better. It should be more rewarding to grind the ranks and continue to do so.

  • Add a rank to the Vanguard.
  • Once you hit max rank, you receive the option to open one pinnacle weapon or armor engram AND masterwork materials.
    • This allows for player choice and incentivizes rank ups as a way to guarantee a pinnacle drop in a spot you need.
    • I imagine the masterwork materials being scaled with the more times you reset rank. It can start out with some cores or prisms, then the more you reset, the higher chance you have of getting a shard.

If anyone has any suggestions they want added to the list, please let me know and let me know how you feel about the list I have here. I'd love constructive criticism so we can work together to make a list the community wants. I love this game and I've been playing since D1 Y1 and I want to see it flourish. If you read this, thank you. I appreciate your time.

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