Destiny 2

My honest feelings about the current state of the game

destiny2 2 - My honest feelings about the current state of the game

I will be straight and to the point: having an expiry date printed on every piece of gear we acquire is the worst design decision you have made in the six year history of the franchise. I don't care what your player engagement data shows, I don't care what someone at Bungie thinks we should or should not be using, and I don't care if you have problems balancing or updating the game (which are, BTW, your problems alone).

Some of us are attached to our weapons and armor not because they are overpowered, or because we've spent a lot of time acquiring them (which, in many cases, we did, but this is not about that), but because we like the look and/or feel of them. It makes our Guardians ours, and you taking away the stuff we've come to cherish as our own for no other reason but because it is best for you is both disrespectful and bullish at the same time.

Sunsetting has made me lose interest in any gear drop in the game. Some players go on about "any armor piece below 60+ total is insta-shard", or some arbitrary number like that. Well, guess what? Any gear drop I already have is insta-shard for me. Why? Because three months, six months, nine months and a whole year will go by in the blink of an eye, and then all of that gear will be useless anyway (it feels like Shadowkeep was released yesterday, and its gear is already obsolete – just look at the number of posts complaining about that).


I will repeat: in the blink of an eye. One year is nothing. And that is for Beyond Light / Season of the Hunt gear. Previous seasons' weapons and armor will expire even sooner. And to be perfectly honest, having someone at Bungie dictate what weapons and armor we get to carry over on a season by season basis fills me with dread. You have shown time and time again that you do not have the player's best interests at heart, and there is no reason for us to believe anything will change in that regard (you not making any attempt to justify armor sunsetting only solidifies my opinion about that). Plus, your obsession with making us play the game your way is obvious to anyone who has played Destiny 2 for any meaningful amount of time (and especially so to those of us that have been here since day one).

Oh, and not to forget the single most infuriating thing about you, Bungie the Game Studio: every time you make a design decision that turns up to be not-so-good it takes you ages to rectify it, almost like you are purposefully testing the limits of your players patience.

Your community managers keep telling us that we should give feedback in the form of how some aspects of the game make us feel, and not to tell you how to do you job.

OK, so here is my feedback, if it wasn't obvious enough: sunsetting makes me not care about weapons at all, it makes me not care about armor at all, and it makes me feel like every piece of gear I use in the game I get to use not because I've earned it, but because someone at Bungie allows me to. It is a crappy feeling that makes it perfectly clear that my Guardian is not, in fact, mine, and it makes me not want to play the game anymore.

These are my honest-to-goodness feelings about the current state of the game. Take them as you will.

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