Destiny 2

My Idea for a raid boss encounter

destiny2 2 - My Idea for a raid boss encounter

Bosses, especially raid bosses, can get really monotonous in this game, which is why I’ve been messing with the following idea in my head.

Here’s what I was thinking: the boss that moves along a set path, and the path is constructed with rooms. Players would have to beat these rooms in sets of 2: Door openers, ad killers, and (main) boss DPS.

(Everyone can shoot the boss, but without that damage buff they’ll do almost nothing to it. If it needs to be distracted, though, it can be.)

So! The encounter starts in a certain room with two plates on either side of the room, and two doors on either side of the room near the plates These plates have damage-buffing orbs on them, and the doors are blocked by a field.

When the encounter begins and ads spawn, the ad-killers go to work, and the DPS and door-openers split off on either side of the room; 1 DPS & door opener on one side, and the same for the other side.

When the DPSer hops on the plate and grabs the damage-buffing orb, a certain powerful ad will spawn. The DPSer can go shoot the boss, and the door-opener has to kill the ad. Of course, the ad-killer can help with that.

When the ad dies, it drops an orb. When the door-opener picks up this orb, he can walk through the field to the next room.

When he door-opener gets to the next room, there will be two plates somewhere on the ceiling. One door-opener shoots one, the other shoots the other. When those plates are destroyed, the field comes down, and the other 4 players can enter.

The process repeats itself three times, and then players enter the last room.

In the last room, there are six damage buffs that are significantly smaller than the original 2 damage buffs, and all players will shoot the boss while keeping ads off their tail.

The last room is on a timer, and the boss begins to teleport behind players and one-hit them with a melee if they don’t get away fast enough. (Think Malok from the strike in destiny one, but slightly faster.)

When the boss dies, the encounter ends, and loot is distibuted in a way I won’t use brain power on.


Some things to note:

Concerning DPSers:

  1. Once the DPSers pick up the orbs, they can ONLY shoot the boss. Ads will be immune to their shots.

  2. After the first pickup, the DPSers are the only ones who can pick up the damage orbs. Which side they choose doesn’t matter, though; if you picked up the orb on one side of the room, you can pick up the orb on the other side.

  3. The boss moves around quite a bit in the first 3 rooms. You can’t stay in one place after you get the buff.

Concerning Door-openers:

  1. As the rooms go on, the plates on the other side will have more and more hitpoints.

  2. The plates can spawn anywhere within a set area on the ceiling.

  3. The plates are also timed. If they aren’t destroyed in time, the team wipes.

  4. Once you walk through the doors, the boss teleports to the next room. Make sure not to die.

  5. Just like the DPSers, once you pick up the door-opening buff, you’re the only one that can.

Concerning Ad-killers:

  1. If either of the DPSers die, the team might as well wipe.

  2. Additionally, ads do more damage to the DPSers, so keeping ads down is paramount to success.

  3. The boss will attack you more than anyone else, since you’re always in its face.

Concerning the last room:

  1. When the buffs are picked up, a LOT of ads will spawn; you can shoot them, but you take more damage.

  2. Once you hear the boss spawn behind you, you have three seconds to move out of its AOE or you die.

  3. The timer is five minutes.

And there it is! My idea for a raid boss encounter. What do you think?

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