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My opinion: sunsetting is something healthy for the game in the long run, but was executed very poorly.

destiny2 2 - My opinion: sunsetting is something healthy for the game in the long run, but was executed very poorly.

I know I'm not making friends with this post considering the thoughts that have been echoed here in the last few days but here goes.

I've personally been in the "sunsetting is good" camp since the idea was announced way back when. Let's be real, if nothing was ever done to weapons like mountaintop or revoker or whatever, nobody would ever move away from using them. Whether that means nerf them into the ground or phase them out with better stuff, doesn't matter, they were the top of the top when it came to weaponry. But here's the issue with that. Introducing new weapons that outclass these old pinnacle weapons leads to power creep. Power creep leads to nerfs (because as much as some people want to believe, buffing literally everything else up only makes the power creep situation worse), and nerfs leads to an angry community. Bungie can't win. So their best option is to remove them from the equation. Obviously sunsetting isn't only a thing because of a few specific weapons, I'm just using them as an example.

Here's where the issue with the way bungie implemented sunsetting comes in.

Taking out all those weapons and leaving us with next to nothing to aspire for was a bad move. Obviously we still have the seasonal gear and the raid gear coming (if you haven't looked in the collections yet, the raid gear looks INCREDIBLE design wise, whoever made the weapon models deserves a raise and then some). While I'm not as annoyed at the lack of a vendor refresh as others, mainly because I just end up using the raid gear or seasonal gear anyway and usually dump the world drop gear, I understand why people are annoyed to see long shadow again, though I personally REALLY like long shadow.


So what's the solution?

I think bungies best option is to bring back the moon gear, and potentially the forsaken gear, as others have said. Give us a reason to go back to the moon or the dreaming city, because as it is right now, they don't serve a purpose anymore.

Please note, this post is NOT AT ALL meant to be toxic towards the devs. While there has been a lot of good, valid criticism here, there's been just as many posts calling the devs idiots or incompetent or saying they should be fired. To those people, that isn't helpful. Being toxic towards the devs helps no one and makes you look childish. This post is just meant to start a discussion. If you just want to be toxic, go away, I really don't want to see you here. What other ways do you guys think bungie can address this?

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

Edit: To those of you who shared your thoughts, ideas and opinions, thank you very much for adding to the conversation! Here's hoping someone at bungie will see all this feedback. I can safely say I did not expect this post to blow up the way that it did. Also, thanks to a lot of you for keeping it civil! That's the best way to give feedback, not by hurling insults at the devs. Sorry if I couldn't respond to your comment, there's a lot of you and I can't spend my whole day on reddit lol.

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