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My Quick And Dirty Reckoner Guide

destiny2 8 - My Quick And Dirty Reckoner Guide

Six days ago, I realized that the only thing keeping me from being a Reckoner was getting the Gambit Prime Class triumphs. After spending two hours a day on earning them,
YFdCCwk - My Quick And Dirty Reckoner Guide

I am now a Reckoner. Since I was starting with the Joker’s Wild badge halfway finished due to having picked up all of the weapons here and there, I also decided to impose some additional restrictions on myself:
  • Pubs only. I wanted to experience earning Reckoner on my own, rather than by having my clanmates carry me.
  • No seasonal mechanics. I’m sure Warmind Cells would’ve helped me get Massacres, but they weren’t around when Reckoner was introduced, so they’re off limits.


This post is for those who want to do the same thing, for whatever reason that may be.



  • Don’t forget to make (and spend) your class mote of choice. Also don’t do anything other than Tier III.

  • If you’re a Titan, bring Ward of Dawn. If you’re a Hunter, bring tethershot. If you’re a Warlock, bring Well of Radiance.

  • The most important thing to remember is that it’s not about you, it’s about your team. I’m sure you’re super cool with Fists of Havoc and one time you were even able to save a Bridge of Folly attempt by scooting back to solid ground after getting slammed, but I guarantee you that you wouldn’t have been pressured into that situation in the first place if you took a Super that kept your team safe.

Depending on the week, you get one of two boss encounters:  


  • Shoot Oryx.
  • Also shoot the Ogres.

  • Especially shoot Oryx when he’s charging up Counterfeit Gaze, because that’s how you interrupt it.

  • Swords are not recommended because Oryx is either swooping around the arena or sitting on a toilet. As most toilets, they're full of gunk. The gunk kills you and saps your super energy. Don't stand in it.


  • The gunk is back, except now it's everywhere because it's a sewer. You still shouldn't stand in it.
  • Find the Hermit, kill it, stand in the magic puddle, shoot the Knights.
  • Do not get hit by the Knights. They're exceptionally good at murder.
  • Do not get splattered by the Cursed Thrall that pop up out of the gunk around you after you kill the Hermit.
  • If you have a Ward or Well, apply swords liberally. The DPS is worth it, and the shield that you get should let you survive a Knight axe.
  • Keep an eye on the mechanic timer – it’s much shorter than you think. Ward or Well may allow you to go toe-to-toe with the Knights, but that doesn’t mean you’ll deal significant damage without the Hermit’s detritus empowering you.
  • Reminder that the Knights will get faster when you deal enough damage to knock off their hat.


Once you have a full set of your desired class (or 4 pieces plus your Exotic Armor of choice and a healthy supply of Synths to eat to bring you up to the full class bonus), it's time for…


And the silly names I used to keep myself sane while doing them

If you happen to be having trouble achieving a particular goal and you're on Steam, try changing your handle to something like "Locksmith Medals Please" – it's not going to convince everyone to let you do your thing, but it'll often be enough to help. Just remember that there's a 25 character limit – anything beyond that will cut off your name and give you a "…" instead.




The three most difficult steps are:

Kill enemies with a Sniper Rifle. If you’re good at sniping, use whatever you’re comfortable with. If you’re not good at sniping (like me), use Izanagi’s Burden and use Honed Edge to get kills off of body shots.

Kill enemies with a Fusion Rifle. Telesto is besto, One Thousand Voices is violence, and Jötunn is the crutch choice if you’re not good with Fusion Rifles (like me). If you're a Jötuneer, don't be afraid to take long shots – a lot of folks overestimate the tracking and give up trying to dodge shots they could've easily survived.

Steal Motes from the enemy Bank. I hope you’re a Titan, because Ward of Dawn is
eaqpSJx - My Quick And Dirty Reckoner Guide

made for this. Don’t get tunnel vision, though – if you beeline for the bank without making it safe to do so first, you’re probably going to get sniped or blown up before you reach it.




The only step you need to worry about is getting the Massacre Medals. I have a two-part strategy for dealing with that:

1. Loadout. Riskrunner, Code of the Juggernaut Titan (bot tree Striker), Pulse Grenades, and Mask of the Silent One. Get to a wave, tap your feet with a Pulse Grenade, make with the zappy. Minor/Major/Boss Resist and Concussive Dampener mods come highly recommended because you’re going to be spending a LOT of time at low health (which is what Mask of the Silent One is there for – it’ll keep you alive and also coincidentally recharge your grenade).

2. Positioning. The rest of your team, bless their hearts, are going to dive headfirst into every wave. Unfortunately, this means that getting the lion’s share of the kills is going to be tough unless you’re in the right place at the right time. Fortunately, there’s an easy remedy: ditch the first wave about halfway through and start moving to the second wave’s location. The ideal time to arrive is right as the first enemies of the second wave spawn, especially if you can land your Pulse Grenade in front of a spawn door to passively generate kills while you run after another group.


Using this strategy, I got my 10 Massacre medals in as many games. After that, it was just hunting High Value Targets. Which, incidentally, you don’t actually have to kill the HVT yourself – just tag them with your mark and you’ll get credit if someone else gets the last hit.




Unlike the other emblems, Collector is about avoiding failure rather than pursuing success: the biggest hurdle you’re going to encounter is dying and losing motes. Learn the map layouts, use cover at all times, never move in the open, play defensively, and avoid dying to easily preventable mistakes. Since you’re at an extreme disadvantage in a straight-up fight with an Invader, I highly recommend weapons or abilities with strong zoning potential (Telesto, Getaway Artist, Trip Mines) to keep them away from you or punish them for coming after you. Alternately, use non-standard projectile mechanics (Fighting Lion, Hard Light) to chip off their shield or even kill them without exposing yourself to danger.




Locksmith medals are easily the most difficult task to accomplish out of the entire list, and exponentially moreso in a pub setting where communication and coordination is scarce and players often clear Blockers in a panic (or because they’re trying to help (or because they don’t care about your obnoxious yellow glow indicating that you have one job)).

The solution is to bring as much burst damage as you can muster so you can get the Final Blow before someone else does. I personally achieved this with Fusion Grenades empowered by Ashen Wake, both to one-shot Goblins and to quickly strip shields from the Captains, with follow-up either in the form of a Shotgun or Cerberus+1. An alternate method involves any Solar weapon with Shield Disruption or Shield Disorient – both are useful for shutting down or finishing off Captains quickly. Jötunn in particular is amazing for this. Last but not least, if you can snag some Heavy ammo because nobody is invading or if you get lucky with a purple brick, use a sword to clear blockers of all sizes quickly and efficiently (especially with Falling Guillotine).

Also, don’t sweat the "mark the Invader" task if you’re bad at dealing with Invaders – you just have to Mark them, not kill them, so spray some Auto Rifle fire at their most likely location and you'll get what you need even if they kill you.



Really though, don’t take this too seriously. Gambit Prime matches go fast. If you can’t get your objectives in a match because someone screwed you up or snagged a kill or took heavy or jumped through the portal, just shrug and try again in less than ten minutes. You’ll get it. Focus on the big hurdles – once you get them, the rest will be cleanup.


  • Giant Blockers are absolutely not worth the opportunity cost unless there’s at least three of them popping up at once. I always love seeing the enemy send Giant Blockers because they usually fart out a purple brick on death. They’d be worth bringing to the table if they traded their tether for the Taken Vandal’s shield bubble or gave no ammo on dying.

  • Reaper 3 is insanely, absurdly, excessively powerful. The marking effect (and what appears to be 2x damage vulnerability that comes with it) also applies to Wave Minibosses and minor High Value Targets as well, meaning it grants vastly more value than the description implies. This should be a 15 perk, not something you can pick up with a synth.

  • The only thing that Sentry brings to the table is being able to mark Invaders, and even that’s underwhelming. Sentry could literally be twice as strong as it currently is and still be underpowered.

  • Invader 15’s ability to lock down a bank by merely invading is stupid. I ran into a player that used this effect paired with his team alternating Blocker groups to completely stall out his opponents, and it was probably the most toxic thing I’ve ever experienced in all of Destiny 2 – short of memorizing the Invader spawn locations and immediately killing them as soon as they appear, there’s almost no counter to it. The grace period between invasions is not long enough to kill multiple Knights and Captains without using PvE-oriented Heavy Weapons or Super Abilities, and it’s unlikely that the victims are going to have access to either in reasonable amounts because they’re probably panicking about the Invasion, trying to deal with the Blockers, or desperately trying to play catch-up once they’ve caught on that the Invader is only there to stall them.



Dear Bungie: I’ve heard some folks suggest that y’all are going to be making Reckoner easier to obtain in Beyond Light. Please do not make Reckoner easier to obtain in Beyond Light. As a matter of fact, please don’t make it obtainable at all if you’re going to retire Reckoning and Gambit Prime. I’m okay with making quests easier if they give out gear because gear influences gameplay and it’s important to keep the playing field at least somewhat level, but this isn’t gear. It’s purple text. My fancy title isn’t going to influence my DPS, so please leave it alone so I can be as proud of it in the future as I am now.

  P.S. Please buff the Fighting Lion’s coolness factor by making it disintegrate corpses in addition to flinging them. It's already so magic that it runs on Primary ammo, it'd make sense if it had extra magic in the explosions as well! (It'd also explain where all of those Primary bricks come from.)

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