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Nerfs from the auto reloading era need to be reverted, and other weapons need a buff in general

destiny2 4 - Nerfs from the auto reloading era need to be reverted, and other weapons need a buff in general

Title, with auto reloading gone I think it's safe to say that we can revert some nerfs to perks/weapons that were especially powerful because of autoreloading, these include but are not limited too

Trench Barrel Nerf: Rapid Fire shotguns had double the rpm as a bug, so trench barrel was god tier on them, now that the rpm is equalized and trench barrel is only 3 shots, let's ask ourselves when was the last time we saw a shotgun that wasn't 1-2 punch or Vorpal? Threat Level and Ikelos SG used to be amazing now they are not worth running at all, in fact the only shotguns worth running are Fourth Horseman and Acrius, and ones a heavy

Box Breathing Nerf and Sniper Nerfs in general: Seriously, because of these nerfs very often you see mountaintop a lot more in PvE then a sniper, they got hit twice, first, Box Breathing is practically useless nowadays, having a one shot limit, and Sniper Rifles had 20% of their damage taken away because they were used on a long range encounter, I oftentimes think if bungie thinks twice about its balancing decisions but it seems not

Cluster Bomb Nerf, and RLs need a mag buff: Remember when Cluster Bomb rockets was the go to method of slaying riven, even in the prime eras of Ikelos SG, Acrius, Sleeper, Whisper? The perk allowed to actual still be useful outside of that, although not as much in more serious content, to do that we need a base magazine size of 2 rockets, and reintroduce the tripod perk, some exotic RLs are decent without it, like deathbringer/twotailed/wardcliff, but with a extra rocket in the mag they would see tremendous use (besides wardcliff, that needs to keep 1 rocket, though the amount of times you kys with it should balance it out)

HMG Boss Damage Nerf: This one came in season of the Drifter (?) and was in response to people using Thunderlord to melt raid bosses and using Hammerhead to both Invade and do boss DPS in the same gambit match, and while the DPS wasn't as high for legendary HMGs, thunderlord was a beast, nowadays if you see someone on your gambit team use a HMG on a gambit or raid boss you consider why did you go solo/with that team and just have the urge to back out, right now they are glorified auto rifles with only some PvP use, and in gambit its alot less due to the range nerfs and the existence of Truth/1K/Xenophage, so a PvE boss damage buff would help make them usable in PvE again


Sleeper Simulant Nerf: Remember the days when it was neck and neck with infinite ammo Whisper for the best Heavy exotic crown back in Forsaken? I still get tear eyed, seriously, besides the bullet magnetism against guardian nerf, all the nerfs it has need to be reverted, it's complete shit nowadays, I won't be surprised if people just don't give a damn about the quest despite Mars going, because there is no point in using Sleeper, like at all, the ammo, the precision damage, the lasers, bring that back

Honorary Mentions: Lunas Howl/NF nerfs (they were amazing in PvE) Redrix/Breakneck nerfs (also fun and top tier for PvE, but got nerfed harder then recluse, however these are pinnacles that are getting sunset, so rest in peace my sweet princes)

Another one, PvE minor Crit Modifier removal: This one was pointless, I am willing to sacrifice every legendaries damage perk to bring this back, this nerf didn't make the game harder, and it didn't make it easier when it was here, it just made the game less tedious, you want scouts and 110 HCs to be used in PvE? Bring it back, if I want a finisher there's this novelty called body shots

I don't get where this idea of power creep came from, as far as I'm aware after Black Armory there wasn't any power creep, the power balance was relatively the same up until shadowkeep release, and after that it was just a power drain

We have been in a power drain for the past year, I could go on about how Roaming Supers are useless in PvE due to the constant duration nerfs from PvP (which while justified there, should have not carried over to PvE), or how else we have been getting nerfed constantly but the point is we need to revert some quite frankly dumb or nowadays obsolete balancing decisions

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