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Never had a more exhilerating, loot-blessed, 40-minute, down-to-the-wire, D2 experience in my life.

destiny2 5 - Never had a more exhilerating, loot-blessed, 40-minute, down-to-the-wire, D2 experience in my life.

Exotic chests are dropping from 1300 lost sector on the moon. I am barely 1300 on Warlock and Titan. Spent three hours farming the lost sector yesterday on warlock and for some reason only got one pair of Necrotic grips to drop (perhaps because engrams were full?).


I'm on a quarterly conf call for work. See maintenance is coming up in 30 minutes. Decide to load up warlock and sprint through one or two more times before maintenance.


Yesterday I was careful and took all the 15 minutes to make a run. Today I was reckless. Sprinting through with haste, just brute-forcing my way with contraverse hold, nova bombs, ticuu's divination, and my auto-reloading code duello. Transfiguration for the barrier bros.


Run 1, done. Enhancement core.


Load it up again, sprint through even faster. Get to boss room by 5 minute mark. Run 2 done, Enhancement core.


OK let's see if I have time to run it one more time…load in, sprint through, somehow still make it to boss room by 5:30 despite already dying twice due to carelessness. Worried we will be kicked to orbit any second now!!!

BOOM!!! Mantle of Battle Harmony!!!!


Wait, it hasn't gone to maintenance yet. Swap weapons over to titan via DIM. Let's see if I can get lucky. Load in to the moon, sprint to the checkpoint, wait…wtf am I supposed to run for my subclass? No time to think. Need void something. Choose void. Run in.



Sprint through with my unfamiliar void titan magnetic grenades that don't seem very magnetic. Get to boss room, get lucky on first overload champ as he doesn't teleport once before I can stun him and I just unload rocket and do a kamikaze-finisher to get him out of there. Now just the boss and barrier champ.


Probably not much time left. Hurt barrier champ, stun him, rocket, then go ape with my super. Finish off barrier champ and think I can finish off the boss, but super runs out as I'm striking him and he stomps me into the ceiling. Killed by Architects. Load back in, I can feel the countdown ticking down even though I have no clue when it will actually go down. I shoot a rocket at him across the room. It connects.


SPRINT to the chest. Didn't kill adds so I am getting hammered. Open chest, BOOOOMMM!!! Cuirass of the Falling Star! First try on my Titan!!! Die to adds. Room is still red.


Before the adds despawn, before the countdown timer finishes, I'm "connecting to Destiny servers."


Screen goes black and says Destiny servers are undergoing maintenance. I literally finished the lost sector and got the chest piece within seconds of maintenance. My frantic, internal clock was right. I can't even open up DIM to look at them but I GOT THEM!!! So stoked. Wanted to share.

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