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New legendary weapons info and perk pools

destiny2 8 - New legendary weapons info and perk pools

Messenger. Kinetic high impact trials pulse rifle. Can roll w/ desperado, so thats kinda nuts

Time Worn Spire. Banner Kinetic Rapid fire pulse. Has the new Iron perk, iron reach, which is range at stability cost. Also can roll FF and a damage perk

Extraordinary Rendition. Kinetic Agressive SMG. Can roll the new perk Frenzy, and also has Outlaw + damage perks

MultiMatch CCX. Kinetic Banner Lightweight SMG. Can roll iron reach, but no reload + damage perk.

Shadow Price. Energy Strikes precision AR. Can roll new perk bottomless grief, which states "While you are the last living member of your fireteam, each takedown refills your magazine." Also can get reload + damage perk

Imperial Needle. Energy recurve bow, can roll a new perk that gives it much better projectile speed at the cost of reload

Cartesian Coordinate. Energy RF fusion rifle. Can get high impact reserves and under pressure, and FF and a damage perk for PvE

Trinary System. Energy Adaptive Fusion Rifle. Can pretty much roll any perk in the game, feels like a season pass drop.

Salvagers Salvo. Energy (sorry lion mains) Nade launcher, with ambitious/demo in the first column and vorpal/chain in the 2nd column.

Bottom Dollar. Energy Agressive HC (finally!!!!), with again a bunch of perks, but pretty much any perk you can want in any slot. Can be acquired through gambit drops per u/soulesschild

Ingenous Hammer. Energy Aggressive HC, with a pretty good perk pool as well, rampage in slot 2, and QD in slot one. Great PVP HC

Palindrome. Energy Adaptive HC. Can get new perk bottemless grief, and Reload + damage perks.

The Third Axiom. Legendary Adaptive Pulse Rifle. Can roll with reload and damage perks and has some good PvP perk pools.


Eternal Blazon. Energy Lightweight Scout, perk pool is small but has some standouts for both reload and damage.

Retrofutrist. Energy lightweight shotgun, decent perk pools but not going to be used much because of felwinters

Brass Attacks. Energy Aggressive sidearm, can get reload and damage/wellspring and new perk frenzy,

The keening. Legendary Adaptive sidearm, pretty big perk pool with good stuff for PvP and Pve

Far Future. Energy Adaptive Sniper, no real use in PvE (unless frenzy is busted), but can get QD/opening shot so a good alternative to adorded.

Frozen Orbit. Energy Aggressive Sniper. Literally a trophy hunter replacement, can get triple tap vorpal and mag perks, also can get qd or snapshot if you like aggressives in pvp

Tarantula. Just a worst line in the sand, no rapid hit/firing line which is sad considering how bad LFRs are. Not really sure why you would ever use this unless you really love these. Cant roll a single new perk either

Threaded Needle. LFR. Can get frezny at least, but no firing line and its still a LFR

The Swarm. High impact arc MG. Can get new perk bottomless grief, and outlaw but somewhat limited in damage perks.

Code Duello Solar Rocket. Can roll a new perk that increase projectile speed and a new perk that esentially gives rockets timed paylod with a damage buff , along with auto loading and clusters so if rockets are good this will be great.

Royal Entry. Void Rocket w/ tracking, Can get both new perks mentioned above and autoloading/clusters so if rockets are good

Solars Scar, solar sword. Can get relentless, but no whirlwind. It can roll vorpal or chain reaction in column 2 though, so maybe some interesting rolls here.

Overall, these weapons seem much more powerful that the ones we got last season and in beyond light(excluding DSC ones). Definitely looking forward to farming a few of these.

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