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New Light Beginner’s Quest Should Already Have Champions, And Basic Champion Mods Should Be Universal And Readily Available

destiny2 8 - New Light Beginner's Quest Should Already Have Champions, And Basic Champion Mods Should Be Universal And Readily Available

Now, the title might get a bit controversial since a lot of people dislike champions in general, but hear me out on this one. Since I've seen a couple of post that we're suggesting that Bungie should implement tutorials or a means to require the usage of champion mods in Nightfalls, I had this idea of implementing it early on in the game. A lot of beginners don't seem to understand them, and don't bring them on Nightfalls. The champion mods seem self explanatory at first, but without seeing it in actual practice, a lot of the mechanics that come with them aren't explained.

My first suggestion would be that champion mods should be readily available and be made universal to all weapon types. This may sound too op but let me elaborate; the current champion mods we use are tied to the current season, these make loadouts less versatile and forces players to use specific weapon types in a season. Making champions mods universal means that all weapon types can all have their version of the champions mods; Which are, overload, unstoppable, and anti-barrier. This will in turn make load outs more variable and versatile. This is easily balanced out by the two armor mods per armor limit, but this can be further balanced by only making the "normal champion mods" available without the artifact (By normal champion mods I meant the one's in the first column of the artifact, the ones without other effects aside from their respective champion effect). Another thing is the mods slot requirements, more powerful types of weapons should obviously require more slots (like the current anti-barrier sniper requiring 6 slots). The mods should also be made farmable, starting with three starter mods, which correspond to the three champion types and your first weapons' types.


My second suggestion is that the first mission should already implement champions; the champions obviously needing to be underpowered. Introduction of scenarios that require the mods, would play a key role in teaching new light's the importance of always carrying them. One good example of a situation where you are forced to deal with champions is in the strike Broodhold. The part where you are required to get worms from knights, force you to deal with barrier champions. The new light quest should ask you to put the mods on and include encounters that coax you into learning how to use them. For example, while equipping an anti-barrier mod adds that spawn should have shields and you should encounter barrier champions. This method not only introduces the main use of the mods but also their secondary benefits.

Lastly, I think that this can overall benefit seasonal artifacts. They can create more unique mods for the seasons, that can be more experimental and befitting of the season's theme.

I'd like to know more suggestions from you guys, if you guys think this would be a good idea.

P.S. I can't live without anti-barrier mods

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