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New Quest Mission information round up. SGAs and confirmations

destiny2 1 - New Quest Mission information round up. SGAs and confirmations

Good Evening Guardians,

Today the a new quest named ‘Harbinger’ appeared and is the final piece (If it weren’t bugged) towards your Warden Seal as well as unlocking more power to the already strong, Hawkmoon

Confirm the quest is bugged –

I’ve compiled this info from my own experience running it but Please feel free to comment findings / experience and I’ll happily add them in

Time to Fly

  • Visit the crow in Tangled Shore to retrieve your quest

  • The Mission is around 1270/1280 power level

  • As I have it I did not find this issue but I’ve seen that you NEED Hawkmoon to kick this off to complete

  • The quest includes Match Game modifier but does not lock your gear so you can switch on the floor

  • Beating each boss (2 total) gives 7 Feathers, 14 total for the run

This can be ran on alts to maximise the gains

  • Boss Room 1 and Boss Room 2 enemy issue list

Arc, Solar and Unstoppable Champions

Void Psions and Solar Knights

  • In Boss Room 2 adds will spawn aslong as the Knights are up so prioritising those (1 left up top on rocks and same on the opposite side) will be key. These are solar shielded but quickly taking them out can free up your side for more cover to move along

  • The Rolls you can get on Hawkmoon are as follows: Opening Shot, QuickDraw, Snapshot, Rangefinder, Surplus, Killing Wind, Moving Target, Eye of the Storm and Hip Fire Grip

  • There appears to be 5 Feathers to collect whilst running this mission. These are account wide E.G once collected they are gone

3 in the boiler room with the 3 bosses (Each Feather in the area you beat them) and 2 from exploring. 1 of which is to the right of where the final 2 snipers are before the boss Room on the ledge they are on

  • Reducing all 3 bosses to half health in the boiler room so they vanish as well as majority of the adds makes it easier to explore the area. Bosses will run away and be hidden in rooms covered by blight balls you can shoot open

  • First clear drops 2 Hawkmoons and the Catalyst

Running again on the SAME character does not give more Hawkmoons and/or Feathers, same for Boss 1. Running alts however does. Total 6 Hawkmoons for this week and 78 Feather progress

Looks like fastest you can complete this legit is by next reset

Bonus SGA – You can delete characters and re-run it for more Quest progress

  • Concussive Dampner is a top tier mod to use for the boss room. It stacks up to 2 on its armour piece

  • Arc, Solar and Void enemies are present here so a mixture of elements as well as some long range guns (Royal Chase and Trustee worked great) but a main focus would be Void. the Psions multiply and make multiple eyes very frequently so something to watch out for

Honourable weapon mentions for Anarchy, Commemoration (Void Raid LMG), Xenophage and Falling Guillotine

Taking advantages of Warmind Cells also can help a great deal with keeping you safe

  • You will also find Unstoppable champions so a mod to slow them down is also a nice touch. They are not present in final boss room

  • The final seal Triumph is confirmed bugged

"We’re currently investigating an issue where players can’t complete the “Birds of a Feather” Triumph when completing the “Harbinger” mission with Hawkmoon equipped. We will provide updates when available."

  • There is a Triumph for a Solo clear. Good Luck if you attempt it

  • I still don’t have Eyes of Tomorrow ffs

  • Once you have completed the mission once, it will be selectable from the director

The Last Word

I will continue to add to this as good advice comes up and will maybe try and throw a full guide together in the morning while it’s fresh

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