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New Updated EAZ Loadout and Chest Guide

destiny2 10 - New Updated EAZ Loadout and Chest Guide

First off this is a continuation of my last post. I have gone through the EAZ for the last 6 or 7 hours and I think I have found all the chest. If I missed any please feel free to let me know that way I can update it.

There are a lot more chest spawns than last year, so instead of trying to solo it this year I would definitely try to find a group and section off the map. I have noticed that a lot of the chest are on the ground this year and quite easy to get to.

I am going to go through a bunch of stuff in this post including, loadouts, strategies, and the chest guide.

Here is my updated map:


So to start things off, my loadouts are actually very similar to last year so far. I am a titan main so I'll try to explain best I can for the other classes as well. For all of them the core part of the loadout is a one two punch shotgun. This can be any one two punch shotgun you have, but I use the Perfect Paradox with demolitionist and One-Two Punch. (The reason I use this is because I also have Hive/Fallen armaments, so if I get a grenade kill I get heavy ammo from it. The Fallen armaments are a rare drop from the sparrow chest in the SoTP raid, and the Hive Armaments can be found in the menagerie by slotting runes into a fully upgraded chalice. This is optional) On titan I run the Synthoceps and bottom tree striker. Punch one small ad, proc knockout, shoot mini boss once, punch him to death. Hunters can use top tree arcstrider and liars handshake. Warlocks are going to have to give me a hand here because I don't know good setups with them. Other than that I run anarchy or any high DPS heavy. Use shotgun melee for mini bosses and heavy for final boss.


Try your best to stay away from your teammates if you think you can handle killing minibosses on your own. If you are using the loadout I mentioned above you can easily solo the minibosses. Stay as high as possible because it is easier to move across rooftops than it is to move on the ground, sparrows are faster but if you are running with a team who can all solo mini bosses, it is easy to just stay and wait for someone to spawn near you. If you are not running with a team use the teleporters on the floating islands that teleport you to the opposite side of the map. You do not have to kill all the ads, only the miniboss and the rest will despawn. So clear out any ads that you think may kill you (I'm looking at you cabal phalanxes) and then just shotgun melee the miniboss. Stick to your side and you can get a large amount of miniboss kills pretty easily. My record so far today with only blueberries is 16.



So my recommendation this year is to run with a group and section off different parts of the map. But before I go on, TREASURE HUNTER PERK ON GHOST SHELLS WORK. If you have a ghost shell with treasure hunter on it, it will spot any chest within 50m of you. If you aim down sights this range is increased, and if you scope with a sniper you can just about see where every chest in the EAZ spawns. So with that said, after you kill the final boss a single chest spawns. Opening this chest will start a timer that will give you a brief glimpse of where every chest you got spawns. This timer does not start until you open that first chest, so use all the time you want to get yourself to a good vantage point on your section of the map then open the first chest. It's better to not pinpoint every exact location but to see count how many chest are on your side of the map. Once you count you can pick up all the chest on your side and then try to assist elsewhere. If you are running the ghost shell you don't have to know the exact location of the chest because it will be marked when you run past it, so just try to go to general locations and your ghost will do the heavy lifting. There is one hidden chest in the south east corner of the map in which there is a broken down bus between two buildings. Entering that bus and heading to the back of it reveals a secret entrance. This is the only chest that is easy to miss so if you are in that corner of that map and can't see the chest, assume that it is the secret chest.

Again feel free to ask any questions or let me know if I missed any chest because I'm beat for the day after running EAZ for hours.

Also spread this around. I dont care if you credit me or not. Anything that gets blueberries to be better is all the reward I need.

TL;DR shotgun, punchy punch, run with a team, and use the map to find chest.

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