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Next Gen, Companion App, Hawkmoon, and Prophecy

destiny2 9 - Next Gen, Companion App, Hawkmoon, and Prophecy

49925 - Next Gen, Companion App, Hawkmoon, and Prophecy

What’s better: One gift, or a bunch of gifts?

Yeah. We thought so too.

Today we’re releasing a few exciting things to enhance everyone’s Destiny 2 experience. Whether you’re a seasoned Guardian or a New Light, this is a great time to explore the world of Destiny.

Kicking off the free updates are the next-gen optimizations originally announced during the launch of Beyond Light. These start with cross-play functionality that enables Xbox One owners to play with Xbox Series X|S owners and PlayStation 4 owners to play with PlayStation 5 owners. Guardians are immediately able to journey to Europa with everyone upgrading to next gen.

Additionally, the new consoles tap into their cutting-edge hardware to vastly improve load times throughout Destiny 2. Everything from launching the game to opening menu screens and navigating through inventory became snappier and more responsive.

The optimizations arriving today bring even more to the next-gen table (it’s a floating holographic table).

Stunning 4K 60 FPS is now available on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Not only that, but on supported displays, there’s even an optional 120Hz Crucible Mode that cranks things up to 120 FPS during Crucible PvP matches.

Another first for Destiny console players is also landing today: Custom field of view settings. Now, the power to fine tune a Guardians field of view from narrow and focused to wide and perceptive is available on console.

Upgrade from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Destiny 2 today absolutely free.

Next up is the new Destiny 2 Companion App. This time-saving app allows players to swap gear loadouts, retrieve lost items from the Postmaster, manage clans, track progress, discover when events go live in game, find fireteams, and much more.


Today’s update adds the ability to acquire bounties prior to an activity while they’re hanging out in the Tower, floating in orbit, or even completely offline. Want to launch Destiny 2 and get straight to the action? Grab those bounties in orbit, at the Tower, or before logging in.

Download the app on iOS and
Android today.

Campanion App Bounties EN - Next Gen, Companion App, Hawkmoon, and Prophecy

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zmF7HIc - Next Gen, Companion App, Hawkmoon, and Prophecy

4K 60 FPS activated, Companion App installed, field of view locked in? It’s time to go get Hawkmoon. We called our shot on the
SeasonOfTheHunt - Next Gen, Companion App, Hawkmoon, and Prophecy

Season of the Hunt page and now the quest is live. The fan-favorite Exotic from the original Destiny returns – time to hunt the Hand Cannon that makes every bullet count… some more than others.

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szQHheP - Next Gen, Companion App, Hawkmoon, and Prophecy

Last but not least, the Prophecy dungeon is back! The stylish dungeon originally released in Season of Arrivals returns and is available to all players. Whether you were too busy trying to save entire planets from the Pyramid ships or you’re new to the Destiny community (welcome, btw), everyone who missed out when it was first launched can now take a ride down the rainbow road.

Prophecy Dungeon - Next Gen, Companion App, Hawkmoon, and Prophecy

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iecnzCn - Next Gen, Companion App, Hawkmoon, and Prophecy

Thanks for reading and thanks for playing. Enjoy the holidays!

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