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NO MEME: The queenbreaker is legitimately one of the best precision weapons to use in PvE for damage, and is better than whisper with catalyst in many scenarios. (Numbers and TL;DR included)

destiny2 9 - NO MEME: The queenbreaker is legitimately one of the best precision weapons to use in PvE for damage, and is better than whisper with catalyst in many scenarios. (Numbers and TL;DR included)

A few times during my weekly raid LFG's, I'd heard queenbreaker was a good boss DPS option on the level of other big bois like xeno and whisper since the linear fusion buff back in dawn. I ignored them at first because I just considered it a PvP weapon, as none of it's perks really did anything for PvE and because of that period where the aim assist was accidentally DOUBLED. The only time I had ever tried it was on a teaching LFG for GoS where someone with line in the sand convinced four goobers with less damage than the divinity guy to use it. Yeah it was a FOUR PHASE, so I wasn't too keen on testing this. (Though I don't think this is due to queenbreaker, it was almost a three phase, there were almost no relay defender mods across the team and my teammates just kinda sucked…) But I love the fallen guns, so I went to the tribute hall and got to testing:

All these numbers were used with no buffs or debuffs and I used double reserve and reload mods. I'm comparing queenbreaker to whisper, as whisper with catalyst has the highest ranged damage numbers. I used marksman sights for my calculations, combat sights are ass. Before I start, this is my first time doing my own math for damage, I usually rely on guys like Datto and Ehroar. I tested on the ogre in the tribute hall and used damage per shot times magizine size divided by rough time to shoot off a mag and reload for DPS. If there are any problems with my numbers, let me know.

Total damage:

Whisper hits 23,847 per crit. Queenbreaker hits 24,510, so queenbreaker has slightly better damage. Whisper can hold a max of 23 shots, resulting in a total damage output of 548,481. Queenbreaker can hold a max of 21 shots, resulting in a max of 514,710. So while very close to each other, qb has more damage per shot and whisper has more total damage due to the slightly higher reserves. So while it's close, whisper is a little better.


Whisper's magazine of three multiplied by it's damage of 23,847 divided by the about 3 seconds (I got rough numbers for time to shoot and reload, but it's not close enough to matter for what I test. Just know these numbers aren't exact) seconds it takes to fire all shots, as it auto reloads when you hit all crits works out to 23,847 DPS. Queenbreaker's magazine of 5 times it's damage of 24,510 divided by 7 is 17507 DPS. Yikes.

That's pretty rough. How is it any good?

The thing about those numbers is they were SIMULATED. People with whisper catalyst should be doing slightly more damage than a titan with war rig and xeno on the sanctified mind, but every week I run it, the hunters using nighthawk and a masterworked whisper always have less damage than my xeno. Why? Because xeno is easy to use. It's full auto and you don't need to hit crits for good damage, where with whisper. Just like xeno, queenbreaker makes it super easy to land shots: The charge time, scope, aim assist and meter showing exactly when you'll fire makes it super easy to land crit after crit, while whisper makes you fire three shots as fast as you can in order to prevent a reload. But you're only human: what happens if you miss with either weapon? With queenbreaker, you just lose a shot. Whisper? You need to reload and re-proc whispered breathing, which KILLS your DPS. Take whisper's magazine of three multiplied by it's damage of 23,847, but this time divide it by 6.5 seconds instead of the usual three to account for reloading and re-procing whispered breathing. (BTW, you may be thinking "I won't miss every time, so you can't divide by 6.5 for the entire damage phase!" While this is partially true, if you mess up with whisper, the damage phase is often over before you can noticeably recover anyway.) This gives us a DPS of 11,006, which is way less than queenbreaker's consistent 16,340. So if you miss a shot, your DPS with whisper plummets. But even if you hit all your shots with whisper, there are still problems with it that you don't see with queenbreaker:

Practical usage in the endgame:

Let's take a look at raids, dungeons and other pieces of endgame content where you need to use a precision weapon and would experience issue with whisper and queenbreaker might be the better pick:

Leviathan, Calus: when moving from plate to plate, you have to re-proc whispered breathing each time, making you lose out on two seconds of damage with whisper. This makes the DPS formula 3×23,847/5, which gives 14,308 DPS. This is unavoidably less than queenbreaker, and this is the best possible damage if you don't one-plate. This number assumes you miss no shots, which can be hard on Calus, as he wiggles around and doubles over during damage, not to mention the boop attack. You can honestly use either TBH, Calus is a joke with either, especially on normal.


Scourge of the past, Insurrection Prime: While CAP is active, you'll need to move to a spot, proc whispered breathing, and move again and re-proc it unless you get lucky, losing out on four seconds of potential damage. This also assumes you don't get screwed over when he suddenly jerks upwards, or the phase changes before you can fire off two shots to reload, causing you to either shoot off two more shots with reduced damage and tether your teammates, or force yourself to reload and kill your own damage. Needless to say, results may very with whisper on insurrection prime, and I'd reccomend queenbreaker.

Crown of Sorrow: Big Galhran: On big galhran, whisper is a popular choice because of his bit crit and swords being difficult. (Acrius is very good on him if your entire team has the catalyst though) However, during the hand phases, you need to scope out of whisper to shoot them, making you re-proc whispered breathing to contiue effective damage. There are three hand phases, making you lose out on 6 whole seconds of damage, and this doesn't include swapping to whisper from your primary/special you used to shoot the hands, probably making it 7 and being flinched by thrall. Queenbreaker not only lets you shoot during those six seconds, but also has quickdraw to let you have very little downtime swapping between weapons for damage and hands. I highly recommend using queenbreaker over whisper for big Galhran.

Garden of Salvation: The consecrated mind

Most of your consecrated mind damage happens at the beginning, right after you pop his eyes, as he's easiest to hit him and you can stand next to the relay for a massive relay defender buff. With queenbreaker, you can use quickraw to quickly pull it out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and get to damage before moving forward to prevent being trapped. With whisper, you need to lose two seconds on damage as well as relay defender, and you risk missing shots as the boss quickly moves away and you need to move forward so you don't get cut off. Again, use queenbreaker over whisper!

Garden of Salvation: the sanctified mind

Best case scenario with whisper: you're not on tether team and are able to damage the boss as soon as damage starts by being scoped in while tether team starts damage. You hit every shot and have good damage. This is possible, but it's extremely unlikely to hit the boss while he's on the ground, and tether team has to proc whispered breathing anyway. Because the damage window is so short, missing one shot with whisper basically means you won't be able to use it again, where queenbreaker lets you line up the shot while it's charging, and you can shoot without the risk of your DPS tanking. Queenbreaker is a much safer option than whisper, which is very much a risky make-or-break. (That was an awful pun)


Hey, what about D.A.R.C.I.?

I wanted to quickly mention another similar weapon, the darci, as it fits into the "Long range crit basedweapon for boss damage" group. Is it better than queenbreaker at anything? Let's see: it does 12,968 damage per shot times 28 shots with reserves for 363104 total damage. Yeesh. For context, queenbreaker was 514,710 and whisper was even higher. 12,968 damage per shot times a magizine of seven divided by 6 seconds to shoot all shots and reload gives us 15129 DPS, and because of the awful reload/needing to re-ADS to get the perk, the pitiful total damage and this gun being very hard to control… (Landing seven crits at max ROF with Darci is next to impossible) your results will most likely be worse than this. So no, D.A.R.C.I. is not meta.

So is queenbreaker the best option for damage?

Well… no. Obviously use swords like dark drinker 2.0 wherever you can, but for the bosses where I discussed queenbreaker vs whisper there are other options. Actium war rig with xenophage are incredible, and I'd use them over queenbreaker on a titan any day of the week. One thousand voices, line in the sand/whitherhoard, anarchy and distant tumulis… Queenbreaker and whisper are by no means the only two options. But, queenbreaker is definitely a valid choice that I recommend you try.

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