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One month back on Destiny after a 20 month break and… I’m loving it

destiny2 4 - One month back on Destiny after a 20 month break and… I’m loving it

I started Destiny with the D1 Alpha and played constantly all the content (Raids, Trials, the first Solstice event ect) and supported the game through thick and thin until they patch where Bungie nerfed Whisper of the Worm (Black Spindle PTSD) and orb generation through supers in spring 2019. For me, that was it. Bungie had been on a fun killing streak for months and it killed all my enjoyment of the game. That and all the FOMO events which for me, a 46 year old with a demanding work schedule, sometimes left me on the outside looking in which I thought was unfair. Though I had stopped playing Destiny, I continued to follow what’s happening in the game looking for a reason to return.

So what drew me back to the Tower? The lore. I wanted to see the game world where this is all taking place. The lore team has done an amazing job. I love you guys. Keep up the top class writing and in depth character design.

Now that I’ve been back on Destiny for a month after all my time away what to I enjoy most?

· No More FOMO: I started playing Beyond Light a month ago and decided not to buy the season pass for 2 reasons. 1) It was late in the current season and 2) all the saltiness concerning Season of the Hunt on Reddit and in the media. But once I got into the groove of things, I read that most of the seasonal content will stick around and heard how great the Hawkmoon quest was. I ended up changing my decision and purchased the Season Pass 2 days ago with only 2 week left in the season. No more FOMO is a smart business move Bungie**,** my fiancée also purchased the season pass yesterday.

· The Music: Besides the lore, I still consider Destiny’s original music score among the best in the whole entertainment business. From Music of the Sphere’s and the Destiny 1 OST (miss you Marty) to Beyond Light I love the music in this game.

· The Enviorments: The artist and environment designers continue to create a stunning in game world that make me stop playing and just look at the skybox for minutes. My most recent moment of this was last night playing the Garden Of Salvation raid for the first time. We definitely need an in game photomode.

· The Gunplay: nothing compares to it.

· Sound Design : from weapons, to sound effect, to environmental sounds the sound team brings another level immersion to the gameplay.


· Deep Stone Crypt: I’d done all the raids from VOG to Last Wish multiple times. I like the fact that DSC is such an accessible and enjoyable raid. Raid Design Team you’re on the right track with this raid. Raids should be more accessible to all players and not tailored for streamers.

· Hawkmoon Mission: great mission and doable challenge to solo.

· Spoils of Conquest: great way to get loot you want.

Some constructive criticism on things that I find can be improved

· “The S Word”: everything that can be said has been said about it. Personally, I support it as long as the loot pool has loot to replace my expired loot. Someone made many bad decisions and this was put in the game in the worst possible way. My Blast Furnace w/ Outlaw and Rampage has joined my Hung Jury rolled Cocytus and will always be remembered.

· PvP: in it’s current state, I have avoided trying Trials and only play Iron Banner for the bounties and Mayhem for the fun of it.

· The Grind to the Pinnacle Cap: it seems a little steep at the moment. It could be the fact that I started so late in the Season. I’m at 1254 not taking into account the artifact which boosts me to 1268.

· End Game On Other Characters: I’m only playing one character this time around, Hunter for life. I really want to play my other characters in endgame content without having to grind through story missions and quests to unlock supers/abilities. Until, there’s a way to do this my other two characters will most likely not be played.

· Adding Artificially to the Grind: there’s really no need to do things in game like taking away the masterworked armor from the final chest of the Pit because of the prisms it gives when dismantled. Nerf the fun killing implementation, Bungie. It’s been your worse trait.

· Clans: doesn’t really do much ingame to be in a clan at the moment no matter how much Hawthorne wants to convince me otherwise.

All in all I’m having a lot of fun back on Destiny which I didn’t expect. I am eager to see how things play out in game for 2021 and see if it’s enough to keep me interested in the game this time around.

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