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One of my biggest concerns with sunsetting is losing variety.

destiny2 10 - One of my biggest concerns with sunsetting is losing variety.

Year 1, while rolls were static, had a lot archetype variety covered in each slot. Although this may be some weird nostalgia bias since I know Year 1 had a ton of 900 rpm energy SMG and no 600s i can recall. Year 2 hit and we got random rolls, but archetypes were lacking in certain categories and they still kind of are. This had honestly been my biggest gripe with vendor refreshes or the lack there of since. Take 150 kinetic hand cannons for example. Midnight Coup reigned as the king for all of year 1, Season of the Outlaw, and Season of the Forge before Spare Rations dethroned it. Even then it wasn't easily acquired so many stuck with the coup. Now look at things like Kinetic grenade launchers. Three exist in the whole game, and after next season the only non-sunset option we know is an exotic. Even currently one is a grindfest PvP pinnacle, the other only available temporarily while its a featured Nightfall. This in my opinion put a strain on special weapon options in the kinetic slot as it really came down to a shotgun or sniper if you didn't grind a kinetic GL. Even then those weapon types usually felt like they had few options in kinetic variety. Shotguns mostly had Toil and Trouble, Dust Rock Blues, Parcel of Stardust, and Threat Level with snipers mostly having Long Shadow. Even now at this moment we have six current kinetic slot legendary snipers Long Shadow, Supremacy, Bite of the Fox, Dreaded Venture, Show of Force, and Tranquility. Compared to 14 energy options. This isn't even taking archetypes into consideration where half of them are aggressive frame snipers, and only one is a rapidfire frame in the kinetic slot. There's even more odd man out archetypes though like 260 Scouts. There's only ever been one kinetic 260, a single energy 260 exotic, and only one randomly rolled energy option. Next season only the exotic will remain as a non-sunset option as far as we know. Another thing since Forsaken we've only received one 600 rpm kinetic Auto rifle. Kinetic 720 rpm auto rifles would also only see one option available, and only during Season of the Dawn with Steelfeather Repeater. Moving to pulse rifles Bygones is the only kinetic adaptive since Forsaken. There are no randomly rolled Rapidfire kinetic pulses that i know of even. While aggressive burst has only ever had one energy slot option out of four total ever existing. Yet another example is 750 rpm SMGs. We've had two random roll kinetic options with Hard Truths, and the limited time event only Cold Front, but we only got a randomly rolled 750 rpm energy smg just this season with the updated Ikelos SMG. Although the best example of this fear that things will sunset and fall out of style like the year 1 to year 2 transition, and one archetype will become oversaturated like 150 rpm scout rifles in Forsaken while others continue to be forgotten.


Sorry for ranting on. I can't sleep, and I just feel like I've never seen a big topic on this specifically, but it's been an issue in the lack of vendor refreshes, and sunsetting to me for a little while.

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