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Optimized Bounties For 2020/07/14

destiny2 1 - Optimized Bounties For 2020/07/14

Deer trivia: Deer and humans have the same number of teeth (32).

Step 1 – Find out why deer never need to go to the dentist, and steal their secrets.

Step 2 – Pick up the following dailies and weeklies.

Tower Bounties:

  • Zavala Weekly – A House Divided – Complete 3 Strikes, Kill 150 Fallen
  • Zavala Daily – The Harder They Fall – Kill 10 Challenging Enemies in Strikes
  • Zavala Daily – Show Them The Light – 5 Super Kills in Strikes
  • Shaxx Weekly – Quantum Mechanics – Play 5 Crucible Matches, Fewer With Void Kills
  • Shaxx Weekly – Combat Drill – Play 5 Crucible Matches, Fewer With Assist Kills
  • Shaxx Daily – Coordinated Fire – 5 Assist Kills in Crucible
  • Shaxx Daily – Standard Fare – 5 Kinetic Weapon Kills in Crucible
  • Shaxx Daily – Power Up – Collect Heavy Ammo in Crucible
  • Shaxx Daily – Straight-Up Fight – Complete 1 Match of Clash
  • Banshee Weekly – Field Calibration – Kill Stuff With Guns in Matchmade Activities
  • Banshee Weekly – Sunbaked Calibration – Precision Kills on Mercury
  • Ada-1 Weekly – Forging the Future – Complete 2 Forges
  • Ada-1 Weekly – For the Armory – Complete 7 Forge Daily Bounties
  • Drifter Weekly – On the Grind – Kill Enemies, Bank Motes in Gambit
  • Drifter Weekly – Might of the Traveler – Super Kills, Create Orbs in Gambit
  • Drifter Daily – Blockade – Send a Small, Medium, and Large Blocker in Gambit
  • Drifter Daily – Big-Game Hunter – Kill an HVT in Gambit
  • Drifter Daily – Elite Executioner – Kill 10 Challenging Enemies in Gambit
  • Drifter Daily – Final Ploy – 5 Finisher Kills in Gambit
  • Prismatic Recaster Weekly – Deadly Discipline – Grenade Kills

– Prismatic Recaster Daily – Fisticuffs – Melee Kills


  • Eris Morn – Moon Cheese – Loot 5 Chests on the Moon
  • Eris Morn – No Safe Harbor – Kill 25 Hive in Sorrow’s Harbor
  • Eris Morn – Element of Surprise – 15 Energy Weapon Streak Kills on the Moon
  • Brother Vance Weekly – Unplanned Obsolescence – Kill 150 Vex on Mercury
  • Brother Vance – Chest a Moment – Loot 5 Chests on Mercury
  • Brother Vance – Vex Vanquisher – 10 Vex Precision Kills on Mercury
  • Brother Vance – Crossed Out – Disable 3 Warp Gates in the Vex Crossroads Public Event
  • Asher Mir Weekly – Field Assignments – Complete 3 Patrols and Kill 50 Enemies in the Wraith Mines or Terrabase Charon
  • Asher Mir – One Shot, One Kill – 10 Precision Kills on Io
  • Asher Mir – Cache Value – Loot 5 Chests on Io
  • Sloane Weekly – Strike Team: Titan – Complete 1 Strike, Kill 75 Hive on Titan
  • Sloane – Kaboom – 3 Power Weapon Multikills on Titan
  • Sloane – Walk the Beat – Complete 2 Patrols on Titan

Step 3 – Follow these steps:


NOTE: First time I’ve had a Mercury Public Event on here, since it was brought to my attention that you personally don’t have to clear three warp gates – you just need to be in the event and have three warp gates cleared by anyone. But the Mercury Public Event can take forever to spawn. Rather than tell you to go to Mercury and just wait, in between each activity on this list, pull up the Director and see if there’s one about to start. If so, go grab Vance's bounties and do them right then and there. If not, do something else on this list and check again later.

  1. Complete one match of Clash, and one more of your choice. (20 minutes)
  2. Play two matches of Gambit Prime. (20 minutes)
  3. Fly to Titan, grab Sloane’s bounties, then knock out two quick patrols. When done, run the Savathun’s Song Strike. (20 minutes)
  4. Fly TO THE MOOOOOOOOOOON, grab Eris’s bounties, then slay out in Sorrow’s Harbor. When done, run around grabbing chests. (10 minutes)
  5. Fly to Io, grab Asher’s bounties, then complete 3 patrols while grabbing chests and precision killing. We’ll get the other kills for his weekly later. (10 minutes)
  6. Fly to Mercury, grab Vance’s bounties, then complete the Public Event. Before or after, grab chests. (10 minutes)

Total Non-Elemental Non-Weapon-Specific Bounties Cleared:

  • 21 Dailies
  • “Field Calibration” Weekly
  • “Strike Team: Titan” Weekly

Total Time: 90 minutes

Bounties Per Minute: .233


  • 126,000 XP (unmodified)
  • 12,000 XP per Weekly (unmodified)
  • 10 Vanguard Tokens, 2/8 Vanguard Weekly Challenge
  • 20 Crucible Tokens, 4/8 Crucible Weekly Challenge
  • 4/8 Gambit Weekly Challenge
  • 50 Altered Element
  • 15 Helium Filaments
  • 15 Simulation Seeds
  • 10 Alkane Dust
  • 10 Phaseglass Needles

Season Ranks Per Hour: .84

Extra Weapon/Elemental Specific Bounties:

  • Zavala: Void Kills in Strikes (Weekly and Daily), Arc Kills in Strikes
  • Banshee: Hand Cannon, Sidearm, Rocket Launcher, Solar Weapon Kills
  • Put ‘em Together: In the Strike, run a Void or Arc Subclass. Run Hand Cannon/Sidearm/Rocket Launcher, one of which is Solar, and one of which is whatever element your subclass isn’t. That’s 6 extra bounties for 36,000 XP.
  • EDZ is easy with Arc damage.
  • Nessus is easy with Solar.
  • Vance: 60 Solar Ability Kills on Mercury (Weekly)
  • Ana Bray: GL/Rocket Kills, Void Ability Kills (both Weeklies)

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