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Optimized Bounties For 2020/09/03

destiny2 7 - Optimized Bounties For 2020/09/03

Deer trivia: In Carson City, Nevada, you may catch a glimpse of the “King of Carson,” a locally famous buck that is substantially larger than any other in its herd. The deer in this particular herd don’t mind wandering into rural neighborhoods, and the King is often spotted in people’s yards. While local hunters haven’t stopped hunting deer, no one messes with the King of Carson.

Step 1 – Broker a peace between the King of Carson and the Carson City Mattress King. Preferably a marriage. It might get a little weird, but it’s for the good of the kingdom.

Step 2 – Pick up the following Dailies. Weeklies can be found here.

Tower Bounties:

  • Zavala Daily – From Downtown – 2 Super Multikills
  • Shaxx Daily – By the Code – Kill 10 Enemies in Crucible
  • Shaxx Daily – Lightbearer – 3 Ability Kills in Crucible
  • Shaxx Daily – Feedback Loop – Create 3 Orbs of Light in Crucible
  • Shaxx Daily – Full Control – Complete 1 Control Match
  • Ada-1 Daily – Secure the Lost Forges – 50 Kills During a Forge
  • Drifter Daily – Invader: Invading By Surprise – Kill 20 Enemies Without Taking Damage From Them
  • Drifter Daily – Reaper: Reaping With the Basics – Kill 30 Enemies With Primary Ammo Weapons
  • Prismatic Recaster Daily – Cabal Crash – Kill 5 Cabal With Finishers
  • Prismatic Recaster Daily – Breakin’ Taken – Kill 5 Taken With Finishers


  • Eris Morn – Moonstreak – Kill 50 Enemies on the Moon Without Dying
  • Eris Morn – Ritualistic Finishers – Kill 7 Hive With Finishers on the Moon
  • Devrim Kay – Super Destructive – 20 Super Kills in the EDZ
  • Devrim Kay – Exterminator – Kill 30 Fallen in the EDZ

Step 3 – Follow these steps:

  1. Fly TO THE MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON, grab Eris’s bounties, then run the Scarlet Keep Strike. This should clear Zavala’s “3 Strikes/150 Hive” Weekly as well. (15 minutes)
  2. Play one match of Control. If you need another play a Crucible match of any type. (10-20 minutes)
  3. Fly to the EDZ, grab Devrim’s bounties, then clear the Bergusia Forge. (10 minutes)

Total Non-Elemental Non-Weapon-Specific Bounties Cleared:

  • 14 Dailies
  • Ada’s “For the Armory” Weekly
  • Zavala’s “Thin the Horde” Weekly

Total Time: 35-45 minutes

Bounties Per Minute: .4


  • 74,000 XP (unmodified)
  • 12,000 XP per Weekly (unmodified)
  • 5 Vanguard Tokens, 1/8 Vanguard Weekly Challenge
  • 20 Crucible Tokens, 4/8 Crucible Weekly Challenge
  • 1 Modulus Report
  • 50 Altered Element
  • 10 Helium Filament
  • 10 Dusklight Shards

Season Ranks Per Hour: 1.11

Extra Weapon/Elemental Specific Bounties:

  • Zavala: Solar, Arc, Rocket Launcher Kills in Strikes
  • Eris: Auto Rifle Multikills on the Moon
  • Prismatic Recaster: Auto Rifle Kills
  • Put ‘em all together: Run an Auto Rifle and Rocket Launcher in the Strike, with Solar and Arc damage. Easy peasy.
  • Io’s easy with a Solar weapon today.

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