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Optimized Bounties For 2020/10/03

destiny2 7 - Optimized Bounties For 2020/10/03

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Step 1 – Ask your mom where she went so wrong with you. Unless you have antlers, that is. If that’s the case, get off the internet. Humans and cats only.

Step 2 – Pick up the following Dailies. Weeklies can be found here.

Tower Bounties:

  • Zavala Daily – One Shot, One Kill – 25 Precision Kills
  • Zavala Daily – Show Them The Light – 5 Super Kills in a Strike
  • Shaxx Daily – By the Code – Kill 10 Enemies in Crucible
  • Shaxx Daily – High Energy – 5 Energy Weapon Kills in Crucible
  • Shaxx Daily – Knockout Round – 1 Melee Kill in Crucible
  • Ada-1 Daily – Secure the Lost Forges – Kill 50 Enemies During a Forge
  • Ada-1 Daily – Lost Forge Power Kills – 10 Power Weapon Kills in a Forge
  • Drifter Daily – Reaper: Reaping in the Crucible – Kill 10 Enemies in the Crucible
  • Drifter Daily – Invader: Invading By Surprise – Kill 20 Enemies From Behind or Without Taking Damage
  • Prismatic Recaster Daily – Head Honcho – Kill a Boss


  • Eris Morn – Moon Cheese – Loot 5 Chests on the Moon
  • Eris Morn – One-Way Ballistics – 15 Kinetic Weapon Streak Kills on the Moon
  • Eris Morn – Final Termination – Kill 7 Vex With Finishers on the Moon
  • Asher Mir – Frank Exchange of Views – Kill 30 Taken on Io
  • Asher Mir – Handcrafted – 15 Melee Kills on Io

Step 3 – Follow these steps:

  1. Fly to Io, grab Asher’s bounties, then clear the Festering Core Strike. (15 minutes)
  2. Play one-to-two matches of Iron Banner. (10-20 minutes)
  3. Clear the Gofannon Forge. (10 minutes)
  4. Fly TO THE MOOOOOOOOOOOOON, grab Eris’s bounties, then loot 5 chests in Archer’s Line. When done, slay out and finish Vex in the cave near the Lunar Battlegrounds. (10 minutes)

Total Non-Elemental Non-Weapon-Specific Bounties Cleared:

  • 15 Dailies
  • Probably Zavala’s “3 Strikes, 150 Taken” Weekly
  • Probably some Iron Banner bounties by now

Total Time: 45-55 minutes

Bounties Per Minute: .3


  • 80,000 XP (unmodified)
  • 12,000 XP per Tower Weekly (unmodified)
  • 10 Vanguard Tokens, 2/8 Vanguard Weekly Challenge
  • 15 Crucible Tokens, 3/8 Crucible Weekly Challenge
  • 2/8 Gambit Weekly Challenge
  • 2 Modulus Reports
  • 25 Altered Element

Season Ranks Per Hour:

Extra Weapon/Elemental Specific Bounties:

  • Zavala: Arc, Bow Kills in Strikes
  • Banshee: Bow, Scout Rifle, Sword, Arc Weapon Kills
  • Asher Mir: Void Kills on Io
  • Ada-1: Machine Gun Kills in a Forge
  • Failsafe: Solar Kills on Nessus
  • Put ‘em all together: Run a Bow, Scout Rifle, and Sword in the Strike. One Arc, one Void. Then run a Solar MG in the Forge. This is 9 extra bounties for 54,000 XP.
  • Eris wants Auto Rifle kills on the moon. Just use a Kinetic AR to clear One-Way Ballistics to get this one too.
  • Titan’s bounties are quick with an Arc Power Weapon.
  • Mercury’s bounties are quick with a Void weapon.

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