Destiny 2

Optimized Bounties For 6/3/2020

destiny2 2 - Optimized Bounties For 6/3/2020

“Zavala, we need to talk.”

Ikora’s outline appears in his peripheral vision. He doesn't look up, instead continuing to scribble away at several pads of paper on his desk.

“Zavala. Look at me,” she says, more forcefully this time. He sighs and drops his pen.


“Have you looked out your window recently? Any time in the last week, maybe?” The question is rhetorical, but to put a fine point on it, she walks to his windows and raises the blinds. The Almighty is clearly visible in the sky.

“The people are scared. What are you and Ana doing about this? What is Rasputin doing about this?”

Zavala sighs. Perhaps it’s time.

“Close the door.”

Ikora looks at him curiously, and does as he requests. Zavala rubs his temples with one hand while arranging papers with the other.

“Nobody can know this, but Rasputin is… offline.”

“He’s what?”

“He… it's routine mainten-… look, somehow some corrupt files got into his… I don’t know, mainframe? OS? I don’t know how Warminds work. All I know is the last time I was in the bunker with him, his screen showed a message that said it had captured some… footage from my Ghost, and that I had to enter my Tower Account number or else it would broadcast-“

“God damn it, Zaval-“

“Probably shouldn’t have visited that eXXXo site-“

“Enough! What is the plan now?”

Zavala snaps to attention. “Right! Yes, of course. The plan.”

He finishes organizing his papers, and hands the stack to Ikora. As she flips through them, Zavala begins pacing in front of his desk. “Using the skills I have perfected over many years, I’ve put together an action item list that all but assures victory in the face of any threat. I have adapted this plan to achieve victories in countless scenarios. It is a fool-proof strategy that can be modified to fit any situa-“

Ikora looks up from the papers and interjects. "Throw 5 grenades at the Almighty?"

There is an awkward silence.

“Melee attack the Almighty 5 times… Shoot the Almighty with Arc weapons… Shoot the Almighty with a Shotgun… Generate orbs by- Zavala, these are bounties.”

Zavala coughs. “Yes, uh, well, to the layman they may look that way, but I assure you-“

“Five-to-One-and-also-the-Almighty: Kill one Cabal Boss, Complete 3 Strikes, and also blow up the Almighty?”

“That one’s worth 800 Bright Dust. No Guardian is going to pass that up!”

Ikora lets the full weight of this hit her, then swallows her urge to scream. She places the stack of papers back on Zavala’s desk.

“You’re right. I’m sure this will work. Thank you, Zavala.”

“You’re welcome. Close the door on your way out, please. This is serious work.”

Ikora leaves, closing the door behind her. One of her Hidden lays camouflaged in brick-pattern on the plaza floor, with several footprints on top of them. Without looking down at her masterfully disguised agent, Ikora whispers quietly “Let’s reach out to our ‘Salvation.’ Tell him I’m reconsidering his offer.”


Step 2 – Pick up the following Dailies. Weeklies can be found here.

Tower Bounties:

  • Zavala Daily – Horseshoes and Hand Grenades – 20 Grenade Kills
  • Zavala Daily – Vanguardian – Kill 50 Enemies in Strikes
  • Zavala Daily – They Were The Champions – Kill 5 Champions in the Ordeal
  • Shaxx Daily – By the Code – Kill 10 Opponents in Crucible
  • Shaxx Daily – Standard Fare – 5 Kinetic Weapon Kills in Crucible
  • Shaxx Daily – Feedback Loop – Generate 3 Orbs of Light in Crucible
  • Shaxx Daily – Process of Elimination – Win 1 Round of Elimination
  • Drifter Daily – All Right, All Right, All Right – Complete a Gambit Match
  • Drifter Daily – Elite Executioner – Kill 10 Challenging Enemies in Gambit
  • Drifter Daily – Line ‘em Up – As A Fireteam, Kill 5 Enemy Guardians in Gambit


  • Rasputin – Cabal Cannon – Kill Cabal/Hand Cannon Kills in Crucible
  • Rasputin – Cabal Launcher – Kill A Cabal Boss/Rocket Launcher Kills in Crucible
  • Eris Morn – I Said What I Fragment – Collect 2 Phantasmal Fragments on the Moon
  • Eris Morn – Moonstreak – Kill 50 Enemies on the Moon Without Dying
  • Eris Morn – No Safe Harbor – Kill 25 Hive in Sorrow’s Harbor
  • Sloane – Kaboom – 3 Power Weapon Multikills on Titan
  • Sloane – The Old Fashioned Way – 15 Melee Kills on Titan
  • Sloane – Community Service – Complete 2 Public Events on Titan
  • Asher Mir – Vexing Revelations – Kill 30 Vex on Io
  • Asher Mir – Lost Expedition – Complete 2 Lost Sectors on Io
  • Asher Mir – Loot 5 Chests on Io
  • Failsafe – Lightbringer – Create 10 Orbs of Light on Nessus

Step 3 – Follow these steps:

  1. Fly to the EDZ and grab Rasputin’s bounties. (5 minutes)
  2. Fly to Nessus, grab Failsafe’s bounty, then run the 970 Ordeal. (15 minutes)
  3. Play one match of Elimination. (10 minutes) If you need another match to finish bounties, one more of any kind. (10 minutes)
  4. Play one match of Gambit Prime. (10 minutes)
  5. Fly TO THE MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON, grab Eris’s bounties, then buy two Phantasmal Fragments from the Lectern. After that, slay out in an Altars of Sorrow. (5 minutes)
  6. Fly to Titan, grab Sloane’s bounties, punch and/or murder your way through two Public Events. (10-15 minutes)
  7. Fly to Io, grab Asher’s bounties, clear two Lost Sectors (one Vex) and grab chests on the side. (10-15 minutes)

Total Non-Elemental Non-Weapon-Specific Bounties Cleared:

  • 22 Dailies
  • Possibly Crucible Weeklies
  • Probably “Do It” and that other Gambit Weekly

Total Time: 55 – 70 minutes

Bounties Per Minute: .4 – .29 for Dailies, more for Weeklies


  • 132,000 XP (unmodified)
  • 12,000 XP per Weekly (unmodified)
  • 15 Vanguard Tokens, 3/8 Vanguard Weekly Challenge
  • 20 Crucible Tokens, 4/8 Crucible Weekly Challenge
  • 3/8 Gambit Weekly Challenge
  • 100 Fry Bits
  • 15 Helium Filaments
  • 15 Alkane Dust
  • 15 Phaseglass Needles
  • 5 Datalettuce

Seasonal Ranks Per Minute: .024 – .018

Extra Weapon/Elemental Specific Bounties:

  • Zavala wants Swords in Strikes. Banshee wants Swords and Arc in Strikes. Failsafe wants Void and Solar kills on Nessus. Combine these during the Ordeal for five extra bounties.
  • EDZ is easy with a Roaming Super
  • Mars is easy with Arc/Void weapons

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