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Our Guardian is terrifying

destiny2 2 - Our Guardian is terrifying

I was recently inspired by u/AnInfiniteMemory and this YouTube video to do a post that tries to show the might our guardian is in the destiny Universe and how it might seem to other Lightwielders.

When playing Destiny you often forget the feats our Guardian has accomplished (in the lore every Player you see running around is the same Guardian and ill refer to him as our Guardian / us / or we) in the last six years, so let me try to do a little recap.

Our Guardian wakes up in the Cosmodrome after being dead for hundreds of years without a clue what’s going on. We then see a little flying robot telling us that we’ve been revived. We proceed to investigate the Cosmodrome and within the first few hours of the game we have Killed the Devil Archon, reactivated the communication array of one of the most powerful weapons humanity has ever created we then proceed to clear out the cosmodrome wich is infested by fallen and we kill their ether supplying Servitor Prime wich severely weakened the fallen.

After dealing with the Fallen in the Cosmodrome we head to Venus, Mars and the moon where we find 3 new alien races the Vex ( Reality bending Robots that try to take over all realities) and the Cabal ( a Race of aliens that only know war where honor is more important than life) and the Hive ( a Race of beings who’s entire purpose is to prove the Sword-logic and become Universe dominating)we halt their efforts of trying to take over our Solarsystem. Basically all on our own all at the same time. All things thought to be impossible by large groups of Guardians. We slay Commanders , Leaders , Witches ,Gate lords like we would go for a light jog around the block. We proceed to enter the Vault of Glass where we defeat Oracles (wich are basically Supercomputers that calculate every possible timeline) and we defeat the Gate guardian through time and space. (All of this is just the destiny base game so imma try to keep it a little shorter now)

In the First Destiny DLC we go back to the moon to fight Crota a hive god and son of Oryx. A task more than a hundred guardians failed, only 6 of those Guardians made it to Crota himself where all but Eris morn were slain (except for Toland but he’s not alive or dead really). So our guardian Defeats Crota and every possible being that could claim the throne so that the hive are Fucked on the moon.

In the House of wolves campaign we Captured Skolis leader of the House of Wolves and Dismantled their hierarchy, after that we visit skolis in his prison and defeat him for some loot drops.

Oryx shows up pissed bc we killed his son (mind you oryx is one of the first few hive gods that used the power of the worm gods to become stronger and spread the sword logic in the universe ) Oryx´s first appearance shows him destroying the Awoken fleet with one attack while not being damaged at all. Our god like guardians shows up with a stealthy ship and kills Oryx mortal body. We then head to his throne world to kill him for good.

Siva Spreads through the cosmodrome as a house of fallen found that ancient tech and augmented themselves with it. We said nope destroyed their factory their leaders and their warm machines meant to tear the last city down. Siva is incredibly dangerous and we defeat fallen wich are strong on their own augmented with siva like it was nothing.


With that the Destiny 1 ends and Destiny 2 Story picks up with the red legion an even more powerful armada of Cabal trying to capture the traveler. A huge fleet of Kabal ships show up in the city and take it over in a matter over of minutes, they capture the traveler and Block the light from all guardians we fall down a few hundred feet escape the city and head to Germany where we find a shard of the traveler and regain our light. We Dismantle the Red legions power structure destroy their star destroying super weapon and defeat their leader Domius Ghoul who now wields the power of the light basically all on our own. And the traveler reawakens sending out new ghosts and giving every guardian their light back.

Osiris needs our help to take down the vex controlling the infinite Forrest we do this within a few hours while Osiris had unlimited copies of himself and basically eternity to do so. After we defeat the Vex controlling the infinite Forrest we let Osiris do his shenanigans.

Heading to mars to Rasputins main computing interface wich is being threatened by the presence of a worm god ( the source of the hives power ) basically a all powerful worm. We defeat him without much effort (wich is kind of bullshit ) and let Rasputin shoot his satellites all over our solar system.

An Old friend from the Prison of elders needs our help as a riot has broken out and Cayde-6 (rip bro) and us help them try to get it under control. Cayde gets killed by Uldren Sov and his gang of corrupt forsaken fallen. We slay each and every one of that gang as we try to get our revenge while the vanguard drinks a coffee. We discover the Awoken city and the last living Ahamkara wich has been corrupted by Oryx. We kill the Ahamkara free the Awoken Witches. And go get some Ramen.

The moon hive are active again and we invade their Fortress kill Croats daughter and discover a Ship from the darkness. Get some presents stop some rituals head into the Garden of salvation kill some vex and dust of.

In the newest Dlc we head to Europa one of Jupiters moons not the continent. We gain the ability to wield darkness kill some Fallen that wield the darkness as well but they aren’t cool enough so we freeze their leader and head to the Deep Stone Crypt. In the Deep Stone Crypt raid we go to space prevent Europa from exploding and we kill all remaining fallen leaders, while discovering the deep stone crypt.

In our Journey to save Humanity our Guardian has singlehandedly Killed a handful of Gods reality bending entities and Power hungry frog men. We have used the darkness to craft them into weapons that follow the sword logic making us stronger and using Hive gods to kill more and more. Within the Destiny Universe our Guardian is probably Celebrated as a Hero but also Feared bc we are so strong that Tasks that seemed sheer impossible for entire army’s of guardians to complete we managed to so so in a small team or sometimes alone. Our guardian is not only a being of light but also of the dark and we use both to fight for what we believe to be right.

When other Guardians see us in Crucible or Trials of Osiris the other Guardians must die of shock bc how are they supposed to compete. I mean we are by the sword logic stronger than oryx and Crota and many more going up against us must be like Fighting a God. And you don’t know what kind of weapon we are gonna use are we gonna use a Weapon of sorrow that has permanent killed plenty of guardians or are we gonna use the darkness to Freeze them in place and the shine a godly beam at them.

Our guardian must be terrifying to see.

(Ive never done a thing like this and it was quite fun trying to recap the destiny plot into a semi long text. I am by no means an expert on destiny lore but i tried. if you see any mistakes I’ve made please inform me I’ll fix it.)

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