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Our journey to bring a Sparrow to the end of every strike possible

destiny2 5 - Our journey to bring a Sparrow to the end of every strike possible

Here is a link to an album with all the screenshots:
EEtaoU6 - Our journey to bring a Sparrow to the end of every strike possible

For years now, a few friends and I have been on a mission to bring a sparrow to the end of every strike in Destiny 2 that we possibly could. Along the way we had experiences of triumph and defeat, but it has been and continues to be a fun journey. In this post I will describe some of the key elements required to bring a sparrow to the end of each strike, and I will also explain why we believe it is impossible to bring a sparrow to the end of others.

Our definition of success was if the sparrow could potentially touch the end of strike loot chest. This is a somewhat important distinction, because in some strikes it may be possible to be on a sparrow while the boss is killed, but not be able to reach the loot chest with the sparrow.

Here is a TL;DR of our success with every strike. The links are to screenshots of successful runs.




  • Savathun’s Song (this one is possible, but unfortunately I lost the screenshot. If this strike ever comes back I will be sure to get another screenshot of it)



  • The Pyramidion (presumed impossible)
  • The Festering Core (potentially possible, but now that it is vaulted I will have to wait to do further testing)


  • A Garden World (presumed impossible)
  • Tree of Probabilities (potentially possible, but now that it is vaulted I will have to wait to do further testing)


Tangled Shore:

  • Warden of Nothing (presumed impossible)

  • Broodhold
  • UOttnct - Our journey to bring a Sparrow to the end of every strike possibleThe Hollowed Lair

Dreaming City:

  • The Corrupted (presumed impossible)


  • Scarlet Keep (potentially possible, but very difficult if so)


Now I am going to give a more detailed breakdown of every strike, for those who may want to replicate this or try to prove us wrong about the strikes we believed to be impossible. I’ve also added a difficulty rating for each strike based on our experience.

One term I will use in some of these descriptions is “sparrow ramp”. I’m not sure if there is an official term for this, but what I mean when I say this is that we use 2 sparrows with one below the other to provide a launch angle for the other sparrow. Basically, this allowed us to gain verticality in situations where a single sparrow would not be able to cut it.

Another thing to note. We tried using Salvation’s Grip to see how that interacted with sparrows, to see if it would allow us to create ramps or bridges wherever we desired. However, it seems that sparrows will instantly shatter stasis crystals, and the crystals will provide no form of resistance. This means that stasis is not useful in bringing sparrows to the end of strikes.

Arms Dealer (Easy):

This one is fairly straightforward. You can summon your sparrow in the open section around the middle of the strike. From here, all you need to do is follow the ramps and go up the elevator to reach the boss room. The only difficulty here is dealing with the enemies before they kill the sparrow driver, which is easy enough.

Lake of Shadows (Easy):

Like Arms Dealer, this one is also straightforward. You can summon your sparrow at the beginning. The most difficult section is the bridge, but even that is not too bad. As long as you are careful and plan out your jumps, you should be fine. No sparrow ramping is required to traverse the bridge.

The Disgraced (Easy):

Another easy strike. A sparrow can be summoned at the very start of the strike, and you can also summon one during the open section where you enter a public area right before the boss room. We brought the sparrow through from the beginning, but that did not add much difficulty. Like Arms Dealer, all you have to do is keep the sparrow driver alive, there are no complicated jumps or maneuvering.

Savathun’s Song (Medium):

Unfortunately I lost my only screenshot proving we reached the end of this strike, but I can recall what we had to do. A sparrow can be summoned right as the strike begins. From there, you need to get up on a somewhat elevated metal platform. This can be accomplished with either a sparrow ramp or solo by using some debris located next to it. From there, the arguably most difficult part of this strike is fitting the sparrow through the narrow entrance in the broken glass. We did not find any consistent way to accomplish this first try, but by wiggling the sparrow back and forth we managed to eventually nudge it through. Trial and error is the best way to go here. From then on, the only real remaining challenge is keeping the sparrow alive. You need to be careful in the cursed thrall room and can’t let anyone get too far ahead, but other than that once you make your way through the glass it is not too bad.

Inverted Spire (Medium):

There are many opportunities to summon your sparrow during this one. You can summon it at the start, when you reach the open area where the tank sometimes spawns, and also at the final drill. It is possible to bring a sparrow from the very start to the end, this just requires a little bit of parkour and a sparrow ramp to enter the first gravity lift. Once you reach the boss room, there are a series of long falls that will destroy the sparrow if you are not careful. To avoid fall damage, you can side dodge moments before landing to mitigate the damage. I’ve also found that doing this side dodge while rolling your sparrow upside down can help with consistency in avoiding fall damage, but this is not required.

Exodus Crash (Medium):

There are a couple opportunities to summon a sparrow in this strike. Once at the start, and again during the second segment where you must pick up arc charges. The main challenge here is actually reaching the boss room, but even that is not too bad. You can drive up some of the terrain in the back of the dark room to reach the ledge that leads to the boss room. From there you just need to drive up the side of the tube and over the debris to make your way into the room. Then you just need to keep the driver alive and end the strike.

Insight Terminus (Improbable):

This one is a little strange. When on patrol, if you enter the first room of the strike you can easily bring a sparrow through the tunnel leading to the second main room. However once you are actually doing the strike there is some debris blocking the way. Normally this would not pose an issue, but for whatever reason there seems to be an invisible wall that sparrows cannot pass through right above the debris. It would not normally be hard to get over the debris if it were not for this invisible wall, but we have not found a way to successfully bring a sparrow passed it.

The Pyramidion (Improbable):

Bringing a sparrow passed the door opening sequence and into the first room with lasers is not too bad by itself. But once we reached the lasers we could not find a way passed them. The sparrow would blow up if we tried driving through them, and the safe space that you are intended to go through normally is well above the ground. I would be interested to take another crack at this one in the future, as it might be possible to do a double sparrow ramp (make use of 3 sparrows with 2 stacked together to give the third a steep vertical angle) to pass by the lasers.

The Festering Core (Improbable):

This strike is doable on a sparrow up until you reach the taken segment. Once here, we could not figure out a way to get passed the first jump. There is no good terrain to ramp off of, and the jump seemed too far for a sparrow ramp jump. The terrain goes down and then up again with gaps in between, so we would need to gain a significant amount of altitude without anything to jump off of. Maybe a double sparrow ramp could be used here, but even after this initial jump the strike has a lot more parkour that seems like it would be impossible to do on a sparrow due to the immense verticality needed.

A Garden World (Improbable):


After an update prior to the vaulting of this strike, we were given the chance to summon a sparrow at the start of this strike. You can go through the initial teleporter and into the Infinite Forest and then summon your sparrow just after you enter. However, after you bring the sparrow to the end of the Infinite Forest and reach the next teleporter to go into the past, the sparrow simply is unable to enter the teleporter. This makes it impossible to bring the sparrow into the past, which in turn makes it impossible to bring the sparrow to the end of the strike.

Tree of Probabilities (Improbable):

This strike is why I made the distinction about being able to touch the final loot chest with the sparrow. At one point in the strike your ghost gives you the ability to simulate your sparrow, and from the sparrow segment you can ramp off of the terrain and bring the sparrow into the first boss room, where the giant minotaur is killed. At this point the other players can kill the boss in the first room while somebody is still on their sparrow. But this did not really feel like a success. To bring the sparrow into the room with the loot chest would require some very tricky parkour, and the jumps are so advanced that we deemed them highly unlikely to be able to be done. I’d probably take another look at this one though if it comes out of the vault, as we have gotten close but never all the way.

Strange Terrain (Easy):

Like with many other strikes, you can summon the sparrow as soon as you spawn. The main challenge of this strike is keeping the driver’s sparrow alive. There are a few jumps you have to make, but the platforms are fairly large and it is not really that big of an issue.

Will of the Thousands (Easy):

Your sparrow can be summoned right at the start of the strike. The hardest part of the whole strike comes right at the beginning, as you make the leap from the Dynamo Approach to the Alton Dynamo. This just requires good timing of boost usage, and really is not that bad as if you fail you could just go back and summon another sparrow. From then on it is straightforward as you bring the sparrow to the boss room and kill Xol quickly enough that he doesn’t destroy the sparrow with his purple ground move.

Warden of Nothing (Improbable):

Going through this strike normally, there is nothing that indicates that a sparrow should not be able to do this. You can summon it in the train section, and from then on there isn’t any super advanced parkour or crazy vertical jumps. So what gives? Well, unfortunately it seems that the first gravity lift, the one that comes after killing the large minotaur, does not actually bring boost sparrows up. We tried driving up it in a sparrow, but the angle is too steep, and the sparrow will eventually reach the bottom of the lift and blow up. We even tried bringing a pike up there to see if it would behave any differently, and it did not. Getting up to the part of the strike from the main train room to the minotaur room requires a sparrow ramp, but that is not too difficult. Luckily this strike is not vaulted, so we have the chance to do further testing. However, I cannot think of any potential solution to the problem of sparrows not going up the gravity lift, which is essential to reaching the next part of the strike.

Broodhold (Easy):

You can summon your sparrow at the start of the strike. From there, all you need to do is keep the driver alive. The only somewhat difficult parkour comes after the first time the Brood Queen reveals herself and you have a quick damage phase. She then retreats into the ground and you follow her. There is a jump you have to make at this point, but if you miss it the first time you can just ramp up the terrain to get back on the main path which eventually leads to the boss room.

The Hollowed Lair (Medium):

You can summon a sparrow when you spawn. From there the path is basically linear. The hardest part comes at the end when you have to make a jump through the spinning things to get on the ramp that leads up to the boss room. This requires some precise timing, but is very doable. In the boss room you just need to focus on protecting the sparrow. Interestingly, the sparrow user does not get teleported with the rest of the players during the Fanatic’s shielded teleport phase.

The Corrupted (Improbable):

You can summon a sparrow at spawn, and bring it through into the first taken section. Unfortunately, this is about as far as you can take it. You can make your way down to the portal that leads to the elevator sequence, but there seems to be no way to actually get the sparrow through the portal. We tried driving into it from a variety of angles, but nothing seemed to work. We could not find any ways to proceed from there, so we presume this strike to be impossible.

Scarlet Keep (Improbable):

When I was first trying this strike I could not actually figure out how to get a sparrow into the strike. I found this post ( but at the time, this did not work in the actual strike. Recently we tried doing this strike again and found that this method actually does work now, so it is possible to summon a sparrow in this strike. However, we did not manage to make it too far. Bringing a sparrow down is fine and all until you pass the bridge section. There are two consecutive jumps that require significant gains in verticality. We actually did manage to make the first jump with the use of a double sparrow ramp. However, the next jump also seems to require a sparrow ramp. Since we needed 3 people to make it to the next platform, and 1 was already waiting on it, there does not seem to be enough people to make it work. I wouldn’t rule this out completely though. I think that someone very well could get passed these 2 jumps. After that there is some more parkour that seems like it would be difficult, but is possibly still doable. Of all the strikes we have not brought a sparrow to the end of, I would imagine this is the most likely one that is technically doable. If it is, it would almost certainly be the most difficult yet, but that isn’t to say the others are all easy, especially the next one on the list.

The Glassway (Hard):

This strike is the one I am most proud of bringing a sparrow to the end of. This was tough, as a single mistake meant that we would have to go back to the starting area and bring a sparrow all the way back. But that’s skipping ahead, to begin you can summon a sparrow at the start right up until the point where you enter the Nexus. I want to preface the next few steps by saying that you will have to bring 2 sparrows through all of the next few steps. Also, of course you will want to clear out all the enemies before you start bringing the sparrow through. To begin, you can use the terrain to bring the sparrow into the Nexus. Then, when you go to the left you can land on the rocky pillar. In the center is a large rock, with a convenient ramp-like feature that can be used to bring yourself back onto the main path. Next, as you move along there are a series of jumps you’ll have to make, and you should stick on the right side. Once you reach the bottom area there is a rock that you can ramp off of to reach the upper area where the mini-boss spawns. Now you can continue bringing the sparrow through the mission to the point where the Exo Stranger starts talking. The first jump onto this platform looks deceptively easy. In reality you will probably want to ramp off of the right wall of the tunnel rather than heading straight on, as it gives you an added bit of verticality. From there you should stick to the left side of the path, making a somewhat lengthy jump. To reach the next disjointed section, you will have to ramp the sparrow off of some snow to the side of a pillar. Now, there is one last jump up onto the platform that leads into the room where you need to stand on the plate as you are swarmed by shanks. To reach this platform, you will need 2 sparrows. This is because one sparrow will have to ramp off the other to get the height required to make the jump. Once this is done, you need to have the sparrow sit in a safe spot in the back while the other two clear out the room with all the shanks and such. There is a lot of strange geometry in this room, and at first we thought there was no way a sparrow could navigate through it all, as the changes in elevation were drastic. However, at the back of this large room this is a wall next to the platform that leads into the boss room. This back wall is ever so slightly slanted, which means that it can be used to bring a sparrow up. The sparrow driver will have to quickly navigate through the radiolarian fluid to this back wall, because this fluid (unlike some fluid earlier in the strike) will damage the sparrow. From here they need to try to angle the sparrow so it ramps up the wall and onto the platform. Now they can simply drive into the boss room, and the only remaining challenge is to keep them alive as you kill the boss.

Overall, this journey has been quite fun. I hope future strikes will provide the opportunity to bring a sparrow to the end of them, even if it is unintended or is exceptionally challenging. I still think that the Scarlet Keep might be doable on a sparrow, but if it is possible it certainly is not easy. If any of you want a challenge and have 3 people at the ready, maybe you could try giving one of these strikes a shot on a sparrow.

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