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Our pal Banshee is . . .

destiny2 5 - Our pal Banshee is . . .

Clovis Bray.

From the Ishtar collective, "RECOVERED MEMORY; CLOVIS 43."

"You're sure about this? "This is the last of the radiolarian fluid, you know," she says.

Many of the souls we lost at the hands of the Vex and the terror of Clovis were gone for good. But we managed to bring a few back. Got them all off-world. Now it's just us. Soon to part ways forever.

I get her apprehension. Elsie finally gets a grandfather worth her time, and now I'm about to get a fresh reboot. She deserves to know why.

"When we added Bank E1-815 to your current imprint, all those memories came back to you. About your family. Sisters. Brother. Mother and father. About the pain. The loss. The guilt."


"Elsie, I caused that."

"You're not him."

"I'll always be the ghost of him. No matter how hard we try to ignore it. And you… you deserve to be free from that person."

She bows her head, which tells me she agrees. It pains me to no end. There was a world where we were a happy family. This isn't it. We both know it.

I place a tablet in front of her.

"What's this?"

"It's his journal. Yours if you want it. Lock it away if you don't. It's mostly encrypted, anyway. I read a bit. The kind of person I was… fear driven. Obsessed with legacy. I won't become that. Not again. It's time for you and your siblings to rebuild the Bray legacy the right way. Or tear the whole damn thing down."

I can see how badly she wants to. Maybe she will someday.

"All right then," she says.

I don't really know how to say goodbye. But she does. She pulls me in for the first hug I've ever had. Holds me tight. We share the moment. A reverie of what could have been. A passing glance through the looking glass.

Wish I could shed a tear right now. Doesn't matter—I feel it anyway. She does too.

"Do me a favor?" I ask.


"That nickname the other Exos gave me… add it to my imprint? With my number?"

She laughs. It's good to hear it one more time. "You really like it, don't you?"


"It's growing on me."

"Okay then, Banshee."

I step into the pod. Doors close. I give her a little wave.

Let's see what 44 has in store."

Okay so here's the whole story. Clovis Bray is in critical condition and on his deathbed, while Elsie and a crew of others are at the glassway portal. The portal was damaged on the alien side, which means they can't sense what will come through, which is then followed up by a MASSIVE Hydra and a horde of Vex swarming through. An exo tells Elsie to shut off the portal, but she says that she needs Clovis Brays access codes in order to do so, so they flee. Elsie then confronts Clovis on giving her the access codes needed to shut down the portal, but he insists that she activate her backup to preserve his "legacy." She does at the cost of many more lives. The main Clovis has now been installed as an all seeing AI and the backup, or, "New guy" is now up and ready with the personality and mindset of Clovis, although far less evil and with none of the memories of Clovis. Elsie and co evacuate on ships, but Daddy Clovis AI blows them up, so the only thing left is to storm Europa and shut off the Glassway portal. Elsie of course wielding her trusty pulse rifle and "New guy" wielding the chainsaw sword we all know and love, The Lament, with the words "His strength, agility – unmatched. Vex after Vex, sliced through like butter, that Sword of his wailing like a banshee seeking vengeance, carrying the weight of thousands of lost souls." So, whoever said that the Lements little description paints Banshee as a Vex Doomslayer, you were right on the money. This attack goes on, and "new guy" ends up having to be rebooted 43 times before they reach the Glassway portal, killing the Hydra inside and shutting off the portal. Elsie and "new guy" head to shut off Clovis once and for all. New guy is then given the name Banshee, for his sword, and rebooted a final time before being sent off in a time travel pod.

Ladies and gentleman, holy shit.

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