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Outside of Europa the game feels dead

destiny2 4 - Outside of Europa the game feels dead

To Bungie employees that will see this: I'm sorry that this is the first thing that you might see. I'm not here trying to drag Destiny or Bungie down, I just want a fun game with a lot of cool stuff to obtain. I'm not hating because it's a cool thing to do. I like Destiny, I want to play Destiny, and I want to see it go places. If we don't voice our opinion about things then how do things get better?

  • There are new Crucible maps or new modes. Bungie, guys, you revolutionized the FPS genre with Halo with a TON of cool modes, where is that same studio? Do you know how much fun something like Infection would be in Destiny. Outside of no new maps or modes there just isn't anything that pushes me to go into the Crucible. I don't have fun in the Crucible what with all the cheesy one-shot mega strong weapons and stuff, and I realize nothing will ever be done about that because Destiny is a unique game where there are no limits, it's not like Destiny is grounded in reality, so there's no need to make weapons realistic and balanced, and that would be completely fine if there were fun goofy modes for the people that want a more relaxed experience, but there just isn't, and that's sad.

  • There are new Gambit maps or even changes to Gambit in general. Gambit and Gambit Prime got mashed together, but that's about it. No changes to weapon damage, ammo economy, health, etc.

  • There still isn't any reason to play Strikes outside of a quest telling you to. We still don't have strike loot.

  • There's very few new weapons and armor. I can grind these (imo hideous) armor sets from Shaxx, Drifter, and Zavala, but that's it. Bruh, Warlock literally only has 2 new Exotic armor pieces, like seriously? There isn't a huge amount of new weapons, I'm getting old weapons from NEW missions, like seriously? And this is a big problem because with sunsetting I can't use any of my old stuff, but there barely is any new stuff to chase. My fears about sunsetting are coming true.

  • The Cosmodrome is back but what is its purpose? It was cool visiting old areas I used to hang out in, but I don't see a reason to go back to the Cosmodrome unless a quest tells me to. And Shaw's bounties don't even give you anything of importance to make you want to do them.

Edit: Being a day into the Expansion is irrelevant, are you incapable of forming an opinion after hours of play?

Edit 2: I can't respond to every comment so edits will have to do. In terms of the season not starting yet, maybe it will add a few new things, but that's all they'll be, just a few. With sunsetting in full effect we can't have just 3 new guns added. I don't mind replacing my weapons if there were even weapons to replace them with in the first place. And in terms of Crucible, not a single mention of new modes or maps is present on the Season of the Hunt Roadmap.

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