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#PAINTDESTINYPURPLE !!! Original Fan Art by Ho-Duki

destiny2 2 - #PAINTDESTINYPURPLE !!! Original Fan Art by Ho-Duki



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I am calling on all Warlocks to run Nova Warp / Void Walker until we get a meaningful TWAB about Warlock or class tuning. No more well of radiance easy mode for LFG, strikes, or matchmaking. Let's see how "IP-defining" Titan and Hunter classes when they're struggling to save alive and buffed.

Warlocks complaining about nerfs and handicaps is as consistent as another week another TAWB. We use the Bungie Suggestion flair, we show the math, and we are a vocal about it. Our rewards are a hunter buff while we continue to be taken advantage of in fireteams.

Remember this. The people you're trying to step on, we're everyone you depend on…

  • That easy Taniks one phase, who makes it possible? Oh, Warlocks dropping a well while wearing a Warlock exotic. I like to see you use those slug shotties without lunafaction. How many of you got Eyes of Tomorrow because you had a warlock in your fireteam?
  • Flawless raid and dungeons run? It would be a real shame you didn't have a healer
  • Not cheesing Chamber of Suffering in Pit of Hersey? How many times has a Warlock been clutch for you?
  • Grandmaster & Master Night Falls without a Warlock running warlock and Phoenix Protocol? I hope you like extra hard mode while going plaid on difficulty
  • Two manning a dungeon or teaching raids? Jeez, warlocks seem to be a great clutch with all that healing and damage buff
  • That Riven sword cheese? Dare I say, Warlocks often drop a well for that

So Warlocks, PVE needs us and we need to take the power back. First nova warp and now shadebinder, we need more than talking. Change comes from action and we need to play the same game as Bungie.


We are going to drive Nova Wrap usage rates up. Bungie is then going to do what they always do, buff another class to see more usage rate and then nerf the offending class. Well tricks on you Bungie, Nova Warp is already nerfed into the ground, what is another six feet if another subclass can live?


Edit #1: Thanks for the gold!

Edit #2: Top post on hot, we have the momentum now. Actions are louder than words. Go out this weekend and play Nova Warp to death. And since we'll be facing stasis titans and hunters, many of us will be dying often. Do you remember when the Lord of Wolves made the wolves run wild? Let's paint Destiny the color purple this weekend. Titans, our non-hunter brethren, reach for those purple crayons. Hunters, mid-tree stalker this weekend, don't tether us out of warp…we can't stop the warp.

Edit #3: We need a rallying cry, a hashtag and simple phases to carry out message in the future. Together we are strong, smart, and creative. I'm starting with #paintdestinypurple but this is for all Warlocks, we must find a message that works for all of us.

Edit #4: Wow thanks for the platinum! Thanks all to standing together. I'll forward to being awash in purple this weekend

Edit #5: What do you have to lose running Void Walker this weekend? Majority of us are going to get stomped in Trials going for the messenger bounty anyway. Do not let the elites put us down. Lean into the purple and have fun in the void this weekend. Crack open a purple haze ipa, a purple rice lager, or a grape juicebox and together, they can't stop the warp.

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