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Part 2 of Making my real life Destiny Seal Pins look like their in-game images

destiny2 9 - Part 2 of Making my real life Destiny Seal Pins look like their in-game images

Making My Real-Life Destiny Seal Pins look like they do IN-GAME (TL;DR below)

About a year ago, I made a post on this Sub, about how I was not completely satisfied with the Bungie Store Triumphs Seals that I had purchased.

When you receive the Seals, they don't really look like they do in the the actual game. So I took a chance and using a prior post on the sub, I went through the process of modifying my Destiny Seals to make them look like they do in the game. The original post received Gold (thanks again folks!) and at the time, many people had requested a video showing the actual process of what I did. I promised that I would make a video showing this off.

Well, the only problem with that was the fact that to do that, I'd have to basically undo my work that I did, and then do it again, while recording. Instead, I opted to wait until things were slower in Destiny, and in my life. Well, here we are! I had six new Triumph Seals pins, and the time seemed right to make a video on this for those who are interested.

Again, here's the process of what I did: I used a "reverse wash" painting technique which is basically painting the entire pin with a smooth layer of enamel paint. Once it dried, I used some very small q-tips with a very small amount of paint thinner, and cleared off the raised parts of the seal.

Here's a link to pictures of all of my seals, including the Before/After for the new seals that I worked on:


I am not a crafty person, and I was able to accomplish this pretty easily. But, with very little effort, it made them look amazing, and they now look like they do in-game.

As promised, here's the Youtube

video ( for those of you who are interested in doing the same thing, with all the materials I used, actually doing the painting and "reverse-washing" before and after, etc.

Again, credit to the original idea goes to the prior post I linked above, which I just took a step further. With things being slow in Destiny 2, maybe some of you are looking for a way to sharpen up your collection, or enjoy Destiny 2 "content", without getting Shatter-Dived.

I was glad that I took the chance last year, and with more practice now, I've got this down to a science. If you have any questions on how to do this, please let me know, and I'd be glad to help out in whatever way I can. Thanks so much for checking this out if you've made it this far.

TL;DR – Real Life Seals don't look like they do in the game! Watch video, and do that to make them look great. It's easy.

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