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Pitch Meeting: Season of the Hunt

destiny2 5 - Pitch Meeting: Season of the Hunt

I've been watching a lot of the Screenrant "Pitch Meetings" so I figured I'd do a recap of Season of the Hunt in that style.

Producer: So you've got a new Destiny season for me?

Writer: Yes sir I do, it's called Season of the Hunt.

Producer: Well after Season of Arrivals brought the Darkness to our doorstep, people are really going to want some follow up to find out about what happened and what the next move to take that on will be. And what are those Pyramids up to?

Writer: Pretty much nothing.

Producer: Very considerate of them.

Writer: Actually I was thinking we could barely touch on that at all, really just stuff it into the background. Instead we're going to follow Osiris as he takes on the Hive after his ghost, Sagira, is killed.

Producer: Oh, people really liked her in Curse of Osiris, it's going to be pretty big to start the season off with that.

Writer: We're going to do it in a block of text on the website.

Producer: Okay I'm sure that will be just as satisfying.

Writer: Zavala says the Vanguard and the Guardians are all focused on Europa right now, so Osiris asks the Young Wolf for help.

Producer: Wait, but doesn't Zavala expressly say Europa is off limits to other guardians and the only guardian there fighting House Salvation is the Young Wolf.

Writer: That's right.

Producer: So what is the Vanguard so busy doing on Europa that the only person who can help Osiris with the Hive thing is the Young Wolf?

Writer: I don't know.

Producer: Fair enough.

Writer: Osiris is also going to get some help from Uldren Sov

Producer: Wow, going to be really hard for the Young Wolf to work with the guy who killed Cayde-6.

Writer: Actually it's going to be super easy, barely an inconvenience.

Producer: Oh really?

Writer: Yeah, see Uldren is brought back as a new guardian called Crow. So he doesn't have the guilt and responsibility of the stuff Uldren did. We're also going to be pretty heavy-handedly setting him up as Cayde-6's replacement as the Hunter Vanguard; you know, because of the dare.


Producer: Wait, but wasn't the dare only that any hunter who killed Cayde got the job?

Writer: Yeah.

Producer: And Uldren not only wasn't a guardian at the time, he wasn't a hunter.

Writer: Right.

Producer: Not to mention that if we're saying that Crow isn't Uldren anymore, then why would the dare still apply to him? Also isn't he brand new to all of this?

Writer: I'm going to need you to hop off my back about this Crow thing.

Producer: Alright let me get right off of that thing. So what's the conflict with the Hive?

Writer: Well Xivu Arath is corrupting a bunch of Fallen, Hive and Cabal to her side and making a whole army.

Producer: I figured being a Hive God of War she'd already have an army but sure. So the Young Wolf is going to fight Fallen, Hive and Cabal?

Writer: Well not Cabal because they're for next season.

Producer: Right, of course.

Writer: So the Young Wolf is going to face off against a handful of these corrupted Hive and Fallen until they face the big one that killed Sagira.

Producer: Man, if these are champions of the Hive God of War they must be really tough.

Writer: I was actually thinking we could have them all be super weak actually. Like barely a challenge even in the slightest possible sense.

Producer: Okay that sounds like it will be fun and not repetitive at all. But do we want to have something here that people can really sink their teeth into? Like a hard new mission?

Writer: Yeah! We've got a really solid one in the works right now, with new areas of the EDZ and some difficult enemies.

Producer: Well it sounds like as long as all the achievements and dialogue work for that mission it should be a really nice way to close out the season.

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