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Please Bungie, I beg you…make Resilience useful in PvE in Beyond Light.

destiny2 4 - Please Bungie, I beg you...make Resilience useful in PvE in Beyond Light.

With some barrier mods becoming obsolete next season in endgame stuff (LW and CoS gear will still be relevant for the barrier mods until next year, apologies for not realizing/forgetting. See reason 4 as to how this would be remedied), it's Resilience's time to shine.

The change would be somewhat simple: just make Resilience have an overall damage reduction and have it like Mobility…each tier adds 4% for a max of 40% at 100 resilience.

There's a few reasons as to why this works or would be considered good in my opinion:

  1. Investing in Resilience mods means you also can't equip minor, major, boss resist mods and concussive dampeners.

  2. Because of reason 1, people can't stack up on the resists, making their overall damage resistance only a little above 50%. When I had hive barrier and taken barrier, Prophecy dungeon solo was still difficult, but allowed me to breathe a little easier since I wasn't constantly struggling to try and complete the objective. Both stacked was a 40% resist and I also had major, minor, resist and concussive dampener equipped…so 50% is not too strong.

  3. Resilience mods cost 3 energy…a pretty hefty investment: a 4% damage resist for 3 energy feels viable to me, in conjunction with reason 1.

  4. If this is taken into consideration, if barrier mods make a comeback, since they cost 1 energy, they should only give a 10% resist boost MAX, since a 3 energy investment in Resilience is larger than that…and you won't stack up too much resistance.

  5. Resilience and Recovery stats on armor are polar opposites in terms of stat placements on armor drops, so in order to get 100 in both, you need to invest in both. This also means instead of going for recovery and a utility stat to max, if you want to go full tank, it will take almost all your energy and armor stats to make it happen…allowing for more hybrid builds.

  6. Enemy AI has gotten buffed, or it feels like it. I used to be able to easily dodge Hobgoblin/Vandal snipes just by using serpentine movement (changing direction as they shoot), I know resort to running from cover to cover because after 2 shots from snipers I'm in critical if I take no other damage from other sources like a Knight. We need a way to counter this so we don't feel almost completely helpless.

  7. Tank builds can become a thing! Even 100 recovery doesn't really make you feel tanky, and having a half damage resistance would help allow someone to be able to go rez someone in the open without fear of dying (Titan barricades are a joke against Taken Captains, but that's another thread/discussion).

I know you guys have been busy, but this is the perfect time to make Resilience shine in PvE, and i don't have to tell people "Resilience is worthless in PvE, you're better off investing in resist mods and Recovery on your armor".

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