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Please stop hiring celebrities to be voice actors, the game is bleeding NPC’s.

destiny2 5 - Please stop hiring celebrities to be voice actors, the game is bleeding NPC's.
  • Peter Dinklage (Ghost) had to be replaced with Nolan North (Ghost)

  • Nathan Fillion (Cayde-6) had to be replaced with Nolan North, and was killed off in-game.

  • Gina Torres (Ikora Rey) has been involved with a number of television shows and a movie for the past number of years, and is as a result completely unavailable. At least Hunters have a in-game reason for their Vanguard being dead…

  • Bill Nighy (The Speaker) was killed off in-game.

  • Jamie Chung (Ana Bray) was replaced with Erika Ishii.

  • Morena Baccarin (Sagira) was just seemingly killed off in a lore drop. Since starring in movies and TV shows such as Deadpool & Gotham, her acting career picked right back up and was likely unavailable to chime in during Season of the Timemachine & now for Season of the Hunt.

  • James Remar, Peter Stormare, and Shohreh Aghdashloo (Executor Hideo, Arach Jalaal, and Lakshmi-2 respectively) have been sitting idly by and unused, I assume, because Shohreh has been working on The Expanse and has the most unique voice of the group. RIP Faction Rallies and the D1 Faction System forever.

  • Todd Haberkorn (The Drifter) was unavailable due to Covid for recording during a period of time during Beyond Lights development and was replaced with Nolan North doing an impersonation of The Drifter. While I don't disagree that mission was hilarious and a ton of fun, I don't think the new bodes well for the future. Apparently, North's impersonation was so good that this could be a full-time gig.

There has been a clear pattern with hiring of celebrity voice actors: they become unavailable, and they're replaced with someone else or Nolan North. And, most importantly: the game suffers as a result.


I hate to bring it up, but since Bungie is now operating like an Indie Developer, just do what other Indie Developers do: hire your own employees to be the voices of your characters. Look at Warframe, for example: The Lotus is voiced by Rebecca Ford, Warframes Community Director.

Games as a service, evolving worlds, whatever you want to call them, require consistency and commitment and looking at the statuesque Ikora with no new lines or involvement in these major developments happening in the worlds, it's safe to say that cannot be done with the current cast of actors behind the voices of our favorite NPC's.

Edit: Many have also said "hire no name voice actors just starting their careers" and I agree with this. I genuinely don't care if it's Bungies own employees or new Voice Actors, so long as they're consistent and can show up for new DLC's and Seasons when they drop. It's unacceptable that the pyramids showed up and the only way we could get Ikora to look at them was to replay the Red War.

Edit 2: Yes, Sagira got killed off screen, yesterday there was a lore dropand today when you logged on there's a message about it in the game. Part of the reason I started digging into these actors and actresses voicing our characters. If this is worthy of a spoiler tag at this point in time I'm sure a mod would have taken care of it.

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