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Potential new location and lead on Exo creation

destiny2 8 - Potential new location and lead on Exo creation

So some people have gotten their hands on the
gRtlPej - Potential new location and lead on Exo creation

collectors edition and managed to post screenshots of the logbooks and text that came with it, so if you want no spoilers go to another post.

Clovis is dying. He seeks immortality. Elsie Bray is also sick and dying. Remember this.

We start with Clovis Bray interpreting a message from the darkness from the K1 artefact. The same artefact that is now housed in the huge container in the map Anomaly. The darkness leads clovis to discovering the pyramid on europa. He calls its Clarity. It then seems that he goes inside the pyramid and encounters the veiled woman statue (that we see in Shadowkeep) and he calls this Clarity control.

He was obsessed with the fact that the darkness only reached out to him and no other person and then goes off saying the team that were heavily affected by the K1 artefact did not understand the darkness as they were trying to communicate with them. He then interprets a message from Clarity Control which was inviting him to create a gate. He believes it has to be a vex gate so he gets some vex to build a simple gate for him.

Him and his team use proxies to enter this gate and they are transported through a wormhole to a location that hasn't yet been described in destinys lore so far. A location with a blue supergiant star in the sky. They discover that this star should've died as it is 13 billion years old which is not possibly but it is essentially being continuously fuelled to further the stars life span. Another note to add is that whoever lived or still lives on this planet have created a system to extract a lot of metal from this planet. Him and his team then set out to explore this new place and mention reservoirs of white fluid which is most likely radiolaria. He also mentions seeing vex architecture.


Clovis is upset that there seems to be no sign of Clarity (the pyramid/darkness) on this destination given that they guided him here but a hand written message can be seen in the CE book stating "except perhaps in that mysterious tower?". So clovis believes hes seen a tower that resembles a pyramid or similar architecture. He then goes on to send a team to collect vex samples where they are greeted with vex platforms but they swiftly destroy them. It is then concluded that vex radiolaria is too virulent for exominds and believes that using Clarity (darkness) he can combine them two and use it to create exos. "THE COMBINATION OF VEX FLUID AND CLARITY IS THE KEY TO CYBERNETIC IMMORTALITY".

So basically thats it, he goes on to test on some people. This to me sounds like that Clovis has figured out to create exos using vex fluid and the darkness.

Takeaways from all this:

– Clovis was most likely transported to the Vex homeworld or one of the vex homeworlds as they inhabitants were extracting a ton of metal and vex are mostly metal

– Remember the last time we saw a vex gate in a recent trailer? Thats right, in the europa trailer the last shot of the trailer shows a guardian walking up to a vex gate with vex architecture in the background, radiolaria on the floor, some fallen tech and wires connecting up to database terminals that are seen in Deep Stone Crypt pictures

– We may also may travel to this Vex world which would be incredible

– We essentially now know that the exos are created using Vex fluid and the Darkness

– Clovis is likely to be alive, likely as an exo, given that the darkness offered him immortality

– He was successful with exo creation as Elsie was also transferred from her dying human body to an exo

– If we do go to the Vex homeworld, I could see us messing up or doing something to anger the vex which could lead into the story for VoG

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