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Power Level and Damage Reduction: How Overleveling Affects Enemy Damage

destiny2 4 - Power Level and Damage Reduction: How Overleveling Affects Enemy Damage

With players having to deal with upcoming power caps for gear and with new endgame content like the Prophecy dungeon available, some players might have questions as to how power level affects gameplay. Most inquiries relate to weapon and ability damage and how being over the recommended power level of an activity impacts them. The answer to that is there is a power level cap of either +20 or +50 depending on the activity, with your individual weapon power and overall power level increasing your weapon damage and ability (melee/grenade/super) damage respectively.


One aspect of overleveling which is difficult to test is the impact that power level has on damage taken when the player exceeds the recommended power level of an activity. I decided to test a few activities and see how being overleveled impacted survivability. The short answer is that overleveling does increase your resistance to enemy damage, to around 25-28% total damage resistance when overleveling an activity by 50. These numbers will be approximations based on pixel counts, so there will be variation and uncertainty in the exact figures. However, it's clear that there is a real impact on damage taken when you overlevel an activity.


The following image will demonstrate how each power level affects incoming damage. For this test, I had an orange bar Pit Keeper in Pit of Heresy (940 Power) hit me with melee once and took a screenshot. I kept my resiliency between 44 and 49 for all tests with no resist mods. I then compared what my health bar looked like afterwards.


For those more inclined towards spreadsheets, the results are as follows:

Location: The Moon
Activity: Pit of Heresy
Enemy: Pit Keeper (Elite) – 940 Power
Attack: Single Melee Hit
Guardian PowerDamage (in Pixels)Damage Reduction Due to OverLevelDamage Reduction/Level of Overlevel (Cap of 50)


These results were pretty consistent with every other activity I could easily test in, though I haven't tried to do this in Garden of Salvation and haven't been able to level up far enough to test past 1065 in Nightfall 1050s.


TLDR: Power level helps you live longer in activities, even after you hit the recommended level. But it caps out at +50 (and potentially +20 in other activities) so you won't become invincible. It is a pretty sizeable difference though and should help players overcome challenging content as they level up.

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