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Prophecy Dungeon Solo Flawlessly as Titan Sentinel – We can punch our way through.

destiny2 2 - Prophecy Dungeon Solo Flawlessly as Titan Sentinel - We can punch our way through.

First things first, this loadout and this tactic was the one that worked for me, my intention with this post is to show other ways of tackle the encounters of the dungeon, and hopefully you will look at this and compare with your attempts and figure out some other way to do it.

This loadout worked for who plays as Titan only and only as a Titan. I used the Code of the Protector because of punch heals and overshields.

  • Mods – I don't have Taken barrier, Hive Barrier or any other taken or hive mod, so I went for a void resistance, solar resistance, major resistance and concussion dampener. Void and Solar resistances for the knights, they have two types of damaging you, a void "grenade" launchers that hits hard and the f**** flames. Concussion dampener helps with the splash damage and the flames as well, major resistance stacks with the elemental ones, but is not flat stack is a % stack. You will need an heavy and special ammo finder, as well an special and heavy ammo scavenger. Taking charge and high energy fire are good picks, they help a lot with the boss.

  • Armor – I advise the use of master worked armor, because you will be using every energy slot available for mods. I used a Void affinity helmet, ark affinity gauntlets and a solar affinity chest. The leg and class item, doesn't matter, as long as you have oppressive darkness.
    • Exotic piece – Dunemarches and Stronghold

  • Mods on the armor pieces – Void resistance and ammo finders on the helmet, major resistance and large weapons loader on the arms, Solar resistance and high energy fire on the chest, concussion dampener and the ammo scavengers on the leg, and finally, minor resist, oppressive darkness and taking charge on the class item. That was the combination that allowed me to have every single thing that I needed on the solo run.

  • Weapons
    • Kinetic – any good bow, any good auto rifle(preferably master worked), blasphemer or chaperone (or both) and crimson, militia's birthright with blinding grenades, a good sniper
    • Energy – Trinity Ghoul (the catalyst is mandatory), a legendary good bow, any good auto rifle(preferably master worked) , truth teller blinding grenades or any other have grenade launcher with blinding grenades, a good sniper.
    • Heavy – Sword, Anarchy(if you have), any good grenade launcher or a good missile launcher.

  • First encounter – in short, skip it.
  • Phalanx Echo
    • Loadout
      • Dunemarchers, Chaperone, bow (or other weapon of choice) and sword
    • The encounter – hide behind of one of the pillars, every time a group of small group of ads spawns, you will run, and punch them. One punch to release the shock from the linear actuators and other for the overshield and heal. These two punch, one will clear most of the ads, and the other will protect you from death. You will take damage, but as a Titan you shouldn't be afraid of that. After clearing the ads, with a blasphemer or a chaperone you can melt the Knights, Chaperone can hit ans hard as 50k and blasphemer 35k slug shotguns are strong and you should you them. Do not hesitate on using your bubble for safety, when you have max molts, jump and hit your "meele key" for a strike and gain momentum, that cam be using to quickly change directions on an jump. If the boss push you of the platform, use the sword to be able to go back to it. When the boss shields are down, bubble on him, sword his as of, you can do a one phase, but it's safer to go to a two phase. If two phase, kill the goblins, they are a pain to deal with when paired with the knights.
  • The Wasteland
    • Here is simple, kill the ads,Try to stay out of the minotaurs , do not die and go to the Cube.
  • The Cube
    • Change switch the exotic armor to Stronghold, We titans can heal by punching things, but the snipers on this encounter hit hard, and when you clear a plate most of the time you will be in a vulnerable position, and Stronghold make you block forever with your sword.
      Change Chaperone to blasphemer, put Trinity Ghoul, Trinity Ghoul kills the ads very fast, after that, kill one sniper, spawns a knight, kill a knight spawns a sniper. The snipers are far dangerous than the knights. Use the blasphemer to kill the knights, some times you will need to use Trinity do it. Or you can use a sniper if it suits your play style.
      The boss is easy, bubble one, sword him to death, and the other just shoot it, kill the ads, shoot the boss.
  • The Deadsea (Ribbon road.)
    • Make your way to the finish line, use any route that you like. I used Lion Ramparts here for correct some mistakes that I might have made.
  • Kell Echo
    • That one is a dance, you can miss one step, two and you are dead. Dunemarches once more is a must to clear the ads, the other core of this build is the blinding grenades, they are awesome to deal with the overwhelming number of enemies on this room. I used anarchy, Truthteller and Foward path. If done correctly you will need to use Anarchy, Dunemarches is amazing super underrated. Once again, one punch to clear the ads, and another on the same ad to heal and overshield. When the encounter begins,look for safe sport where you receive "some" damage but not enough to kill you, shoot one grenade to blind the ads, build up linear actuators, punch and punch again, punch and kill the others ads. The knights hit them with the blinding grenades, they can do nothing to you when blinded. Do not be afraid to use your bubble to save you. A bubble worth less than the entire run again. Crimson here is a good pick too if you don't have Anarchy, you can heal a lot with it. Clear the plates, blinding grenades on the ogre, one grenade with oppressive darkness, shoot it dead.
    • Damage phase, switch to a bow on your primary or energy, depends on what grenade launcher you are using. When there are only you and the boss, shoot the boss, when the ads come, switch to the bow, kill them first. I switch from Dunemarches to Lion's Rampart (i died so many times on wrong jumps T.T). You can kill him in three phases.>

Import note: You will die A LOT.

I tried at least 60 times to do the Solo Flawlessly run, on my 35 ish attempt I was able to kill the boss solo, but had already died twice during the boss fight before. You need practice, you need to kill the Kell echo solo before attempting the Solo Flawlessly. You need to know how to kill it, how to pass the room with out dying. I burned almost 200 raid banners on this dungeon.

You need to fail until you don't.

I hope my experience can be of use to someone who is struggling to do it, and sorry for any grammatical mistake '-', English is not my main language, and I don't have the habit to write in English frequently.

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