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Prophecy Solo Flawless , Tips/Tricks/My Experience

destiny2 8 - Prophecy Solo Flawless , Tips/Tricks/My Experience

I finally managed to do Prophecy Flawless Solo after trying several tactics and mods. I wanted to share my experience and tips/tricks with you guys. Because as you know, Prophecy will go into vault for maintenance and probably Flawless Solo rewards won't come back when Beyong Light hits. So it's our only chance to get emblem/sparrow/ghost till new expansion release.

I did it with Warlock, and i suggest you to do it with warlock because of solo capacity.

Very important thing to mention: I see a lot of people complaining about light level in Prophecy and they think if they get 1070-1080, it gets easier. This is wrong idea. In D2, ANY activity had recommended light level. As soon as you catch the recommended light level, you're fine. For Prophecy you need 1040 for first 2 boss, 1060 for last boss. So 1060 is enough to do it. When you even have 1100 light level, you won't do more damage or take less damage than 1060 light level player. It won't change anything. Only mods/builds matter after you catch recommended light level.

Mods used : Taken barrier, Taken armaments, Major resist 2x, Minor resist, Conclusive Dampener, Solar Resistance. (I didn't have Hive Barrier when i do this so i couldn't use it but if you have it. They will stack with Taken Barrier and it gets much easier)

Mechanic of Prophecy : When you kill Knight while staying in the dark, Knight will give you dark motes. When you kill Knight while staying in the light, Knight will give you light modes. Some people understood this very wrong. YOU're the one who stay at dark or light not Knight. Knight can stay anywhere. Where you killing from is important.

1) Skipping first part

You don't need sword ammo to do that. Use top tree solar for this part, jump on first big orb at entrance then eat your grenade, jump to left side of pipe and fly thru to up without even swing sword. Then jump into boss area.

2) Boss fight (Phalanx)
Loadout : Mountaintop, Riskrunner, Falling Guillotine

I think it's the most challenging part for whole instance. Good thing is if you die, you won't get upset because it's first encounter 🙂

Switch middle tree solar for this boss. When you start the boss, run the pillar back of flag and kill first knight spawning at your left (where boss is) with Mountaintop (you can double shot him quickly), then switch to Riskrunner, kill small adds on right side of pillar. Riskrunner will give you arc shield for extra dmg reduction and aoe killing machine. When you kill all small adds. Depending on what you got from first knight when you started the fight. Kill second knight. Then you should have 1 Knight left after. You can double dunk for this boss, just have to jump high and dunk between Up/Low dunking pillar but little closer to Up one. You can check out YT for positioning. If double dunk not working for you, keep same progress again for whole dunking motes section. Always kill small adds with Riskrunner quickly then you can only deal with Knights after. When you done with dunking, use well on the boss and kill him with sword, make sure you always use heavy attack whenever it's up. You'll get no problem on killing the boss.

3) Wasteland
Loadout : Mountaintop, Gnawing Hunger (Demolition roll), Anarchy

Just take your time in here and don't rush if you're not comfortable. Sniper guys are always first to kill. Before you even go into Blight area, take our snipers first. Then 1 tap blight with Anarchy. You do this 3times and gates will open. Very easy part if you don't rush, just be patient.

4) Cube room
Loadout : Mountaintop, Gnawing Hunger (Demolition roll), Xenophage
Void bottom tree (Devour)


When you start the encounter, before adds spawn eat your grenade and have devour up. 2 pack adds will spawn (total 6guy). ALWAYS take them first before you take out snipers. And keep moving/jumping. Mountaintop will do amazing job here, just 1tap 3guy at spawn, and take out others. Then switch to Xenophage 1 tap both snipers. Check the mote you dunking and 3 tap knights. Knights will just freeze and do nothing when you hit them with Xenophage. Collect the first 3 mote, then kill 1 sniper above (this is very important) THEN collect rest motes. Dunk and breath here for a sec. Knight and Sniper will despawn. Dont just rush to mid, just relax. Knight or Snipers will not spawn when you dunk the mote. Only small adds will spawn and make sure you'll have your grenade and at least 20 ammo for Xenophage before you even go to middle for next turn. You do this for 6times and face the 2x boss. Bosses are basicly joke. 1shot Nova bomb the first one, then kill second with Xenophage. Boss won't even move when you start hitting with Xeno.

5) Rainbow Road
Loadout : Mountaintop, Gnawing Hunger (Demolition roll), Xenophage

Just like Wasteland, there's nothing to rush in here as well. Just take your time and enjoy the view. WALK! 🙂 and take out snipers with Xeno or Mountaintop.

6) Kell Echo
Void bottom tree (Devour)

First of all this boss is patient test. Just be patient for any phase for this boss. I used 2x loadout for this boss. And will split into 2section with Knight Phase, Boss Damage Phase.

– Knight Phase
Loadout : Mountaintop, Riskrunner, Falling Guillotine

Main purpose here is dunking the first mote quickly and it'll get very easy after. It's only hard when there's 3boss up! So Always use Nova Bomb first Knight area to breath. When you kill them with Nova, you'll get Devour as well. Collect the motes. Switch the riskrunner , kill small adds quickly. Riskrunner will give you additional shield and kill them very quickly just like we did in first boss. Then probably will run out Devour at this point, eat your grenade now. Always try to have Devour up. Kill second knight depending on what color you got from first Knight that you nova. Dunk the mote and switch the sword for Ogre. Go to corner, drop healing rift. 1 heavy attack Ogre and he'll die. Then gratz you have 1 huge area to cover. Most danger is over. Use clean area, and kill everything with same order from that area. So boss won't shot you. In here always kill small adds whenever they spawn. Just switch riskrunner and kill them quickly. Before you do anything. Dunk 3 times. And dont go to middle just yet. Chill, breath, relax. Open your inventory, switch to Gnawing Hunger/Anarchy. Knights won't spawn, so get your heavy ammo, get your grenade and everything before you jump into Boss Phase

– Boss Damage Phase
Loadout : Mountaintop, Gnawing Hunger (Demolition roll), Anarchy

Most important thing here is starting. After that it gets routine. Double tap Anarchy to boss, then jump to right platform, 1 mountaintop shot, 1 grenade, 1 nova bomb. Then refresh your double tap Anarchy on boss. Now forget about boss for a while and focus that 2 sniper front of you. Kill double snipers with Mountaintop, then refresh your Anarchy on boss. You don't need to rush. Then 2more sniper will spawn, kill them again with Mountaintop, then refresh Anarchy on boss. 2 more snipers will spawn on last platform, kill them with Mountaintop, refresh your Anarchy on boss and go last platform. In here only thing that kills you is Snipers. Boss won't kill you, if you get teleported from Boss black thingie, don't panic, wait for spawn and go to your position again. You can now start mountaintop boss now. Use your grenade again on last platform. Refresh your Anarchy shots. Use covers so you won't get teleported with that black thingie. You'll have at least 1/3 hp gone for the boss. Now chill, you have unlimited time. Wait for your Nova Bomb, open your inventory, equip Riskrunner/Sword. You'll repeat the Knight Phase again.

Do this 3times and you'll have your Flawless Solo!


I hope my experience will help you guys. Have fun and Good luck!!

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