Destiny 2

PvE Weapon Damage Generator/Database – A new Spreadsheet

destiny2 9 - PvE Weapon Damage Generator/Database - A new Spreadsheet

Hello Guardians,

today we want to share a little project with you that we've been working on the last couple of weeks. While existing community DPS sheets are all amazing pieces of work and great resources in general we were interested in a slightly different approach of weapon comparison. In the beginning this was intended to be a simple internal tool for our clan but after looking at the outcome we figured we might as well provide this as a (hopefully useful) resource to the community. Since everything about the spreadsheet is explained in detail in the sheet itself i'm not going to include a full rundown on every page and every column in this post but leave it with the basic features and some additional notes.

edit?usp=sharing - PvE Weapon Damage Generator/Database - A new Spreadsheet

D2 PvE Weapon Damage Generator (Spreadsheet)

Core Features

  • Includes all special and heavy archetypes, exotic weapons and selected 'meta-relevant' rolls with an infusion cap higher than 1060. Primary weapons are not included. Sorry to all the Rat Pack mains.
  • Full filter and sort options
  • Customizable encounter length (pre-set raid encounters as well as custom durations) and theoretical encounter damage output (as a discrete damage function accounting for reload intervals, periods and damage concentration)
  • Selectable Buffs and Debuffs
  • Head-to-head weapon comparison both numerically as well as visually (staircase functions)

Full details on these features can be found in the How To Use-tab inside the spreadsheet. To access the features you need to make a personal copy of the spreadsheet (file > create a copy), access on the original spreadsheet is obviously restricted to browsing only.

We highly recommend reading the 'How To Use'-tab before diving into the numbers for a better mutual understanding even if the technicalities dont interest you all too much which we can totally understand.


  • All data got collected manually and as precisely as possible (Detailed methodolgy is explained in the sheet), nonetheless we of course can't guarantee 100% accuracy even though we tried our best. Its entirely possible that we made any mistakes in the process.
  • All assumptions made are basically best-case scenarios, perfect conditions and perfect execution. This means the numbers in this sheet are considered the theoretical maximum damage output (or 'ceiling') and do not account for ease-of-use or any other practical limitations. It's up to the reader to transfer the numbers in this sheet into the game's reality. You also might stumble across conflicting information between different damage spreadsheets. By no means do we claim to have the best or most precise damage numbers out there and these can either root in different assumptions, methodology or just mistakes on any side. You should make yourself familiar with all the assumptions made in this spreadsheet to avoid possible confusion.
  • Be aware that any form of ranking in this spreadsheet is a result of all the assumptions made and could significantly shift after even the slightest change to them. Do not read this sheet as 'Weapon X is supposed to be better than Weapon Y' but be cautios and reasonable with the information given. The 'best' tool for the job is never entirely a matter of the numbers.
  • Therefore please don't @ me with 'Are you seriously telling me Deathbringer is better than Xenophage? lmao'. Spoiler: In 99/100 cases its obviously not. The answer to the question 'What is the best weapon for Encounter X?' usually starts with 'Well, it depends on…' and not 'According to the PvE Damage Spreadsheet from Reddit it is…'.
  • If you have any questions/feedback/remarks/complaints or even ideas you can use this post or contact me via PM or Discord (Contact in the spreadsheet).

We decided to publish this before Beyond Light drops as it might help someone out there with his or her last minute weapon grind. All data is pre-Beyond Light and will be updated as soon as full patch notes are available.

On behalf of our clan and everyone involved

Enjoy and Eyes up, Guardian!

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